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    Tangaliya Dress Materials

    Fabrics Of India - A Journey To Explore The Traditional Indian Fashion

    “The hand-loom and the spinning-wheel, producing their regular myriads of spinners and weavers, were the pivots of the structure of that society,\"

    Fabrics Of India - A Journey To Explore The Traditional Indian Fashion

    “The hand-loom and the spinning-wheel, producing their regular myriads of spinners and weavers, were the pivots of the structure of that society,"as famously said by Karl Marx about India. Fabrics of India are unique and have a special touch to them, different from each part of India. Every local culture in every state has a different and unique set of crafts and art forms, sacred and traditional. Their artworks, fashion, fabric weaving, culture and craft style are ancient in method, passed down as legacy from generation to generation. To give you an idea of what ample amount of fabrics are produced in India, for either local purposes or for exporting worldwide, there are over 25 types of Indian Fabrics used in the textile industry in India for just making sarees. There are over 120 distinct types of weaves in India. Each state of India has a fabric, weave or however, in. Still, many of the art on the cloth that is uniquely theirs have different textures, structure, lustre, and dyeing properties. Each fabric has a rich history of origin, production, and significance behind them.  

    Buy The Best Handwoven Materials For Dresses Online At iTokri

    Create your show-stopping look with the gorgeous collection of the finest quality Indian fabrics, dress materials for women, handmade and handpainted by Indian artisans at iTokri, the best online Indian store with authentic handmade Indian products that ships internationally. 

    Indian dress materials give your wardrobe a regal, exquisite and glowing traditional touch and bring out your inner beauty. Buy the most beautiful handloom dress materials of different fabrics, different embroidery styles, and indigenous art hand-painted on the cloth. Explore a variety of soft cotton dress materials for women, handwoven cotton kurta material, etc., to designer clothes for traditional wear like Tangaliya handwoven crafts or the Banarasi Brocade and Chanderi silk materials a lot of others to add colour and style to your wardrobe. 

    Buy classy and designer fabrics, pure cotton and silk dress materials for sarees, blouses, cotton suit materials for the ultimate comfort at the best prices, unstitched salwar kameez materials and cotton kurta materials online traditional look on casual hangouts, ceremonial occasions and festivals.

    Pair up your look with iTokri’s handwoven silk stoles, paper mache jewellery and beautiful handmade accessories to gain that grand Indian ethnic look. 

    Explore at iTokri

    Visit iTokri for the mesmerising gorgeous collection of dress pieces, traditional sarees, colourful fun stoles, fine cotton or silk unstitched dress materials to make your wear. Style your look with Indian dupattas from iTokri to add an essence of style and modesty. Check out the cotton suits that are highly fashionable and comfortable. 

    To go along with the gorgeous fabrics and dress pieces, visit  iTokri’s famous and well-loved collection of  nose-pins,  chiffon dress material,  garments collection, and many more. 

    iTokri has a vast collection of handmade art and crafts like the handmade rakhi collection with different designs and materials.  Rakhi gift hamper sets for your brother and a wonderful collection of rakhi gifts online for sisters, their amazing  rakhi thread collections and other crafts like Madhubani art on handmade paper bases and fabrics, clay bowls with tribal paintings and traditional craftworks like clay animal figurines, wall hangers and a bunch more. So shop at iTokri to add a conventional Indian touch to your households and outfits.  


    Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

    1. What is the history behind Tangaliya handwoven crafts?

    Tangaliya is an ancient and unique textile weaving from Gujarat that is over 700 years old. It is an old craft from Sundarnagar, Gujarat, the homeplace of many traditional Indian crafts and textiles. However, it is said that only the Dangsia community in Gujarat are blessed with the knowledge and skilled expertise of the traditional weaving technique for making Tangaliya. 

    Legends tell the story of Tangaliya as an art born from the creativity of a couple in the village of Gujarat from where they were expelled as they belonged to different communities. Their creativity created a unique wrapping yarn technique to effect raised dots in the shapes and patterns of motifs. This garment for scarves or skirts is worn in Gujarat villages and is worn at weddings by the Bharvad women near Sundarnagar.

    The growing globalisation and industrialisation endanger this weaving tradition, but India still has a stronghold on this age-old technique of textile handweaving of Gujarat. 

    2. Why is Tangaliya handwoven so famous?

    The craft of making this unique wear is well-loved in villages of Gujarat and is ancient in tradition. However, this art form was almost on the verge of extinction in this era of industrialisation and globalisation. Still, many organisations worked together to save this traditional form of handweaving and promote them. 

    Tangaliya is famous because of its unique art form and is one of the finest crafts in India. This handwoven textile and clothing are now internationally available at the best, most trusted, authentic Indian online store, iTokri.

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