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Manipuri Weave Dress Materials

Buy delightful Manipuri Weave Dress Materials from iTokri

The intricate weaves of Manipur, from North East India, have since long been surrounded by a history of deprivation and conflict. Yet, the art of Manipuri weaves has survived through the centuries. The bright colours are one of the characteristics to identify Manipuri weaves. For the people in Manipuri, weaving is not a mere profession but a bridge to their surviving culture and heritage. It won’t be wrong to say that you will find a loom in every house of Manipur. The skilled females do the weaving in the households while men control the looms all across India. The production of the native yarn that is so intrinsic to the land of Manipur starts when the synchronized hands of the skilled females of households take over one handloom. Manipuri weaves are artworks in themselves, considering the ornate embroidery and intricate designs. The Temple design is the most common design that one would find on these textiles, so beautifully woven by hand.

The art of Weaving

Weaving in the state of Manipur is an art form, as mentioned earlier, but what about the fabrics and techniques that are used? One of the techniques used is the Shibori tie and dye technique that originally originated in Japan. The Shibori technique is so unique that each dress material produced through this technique turns out completely different. Next comes silk dress materials produced by the Manipuri weave. From Kantha to Chanderi silk to Maheshwari, most of these fabrics are handwoven by the rural yet extraordinarily skilled women from Northeastern India and West Bengal, Odisha, and Madhya Pradesh. Finally, on the dress materials woven in Manipur, techniques like the Ikat are also used, another tie and dye technique that originated from Indonesia. 

Since Manipuri weaves are also known for their embroidery, some of the motifs found in their dress materials are motifs of butterflies and elephants, commonly known as Shamilami designs. Besides that, the Likhi design is used on bed covers and shoulder bags. The Leirong design is a floral design, traditional to Manipuri weaves, generally used on tablecloths and bed covers.

Gifting Options along with Manipuri Dress Materials

Paired best with these Manipuri weaves created from many such fabrics are handcrafted jewellery. Beautiful fashion accessories add to the outfit and complete any look. India is famous for being the oldest and most persistent country globally to make handcrafted jewelry besides handwoven fabrics. Fashion accessories, if worn properly, can also hide any shortcomings of an outfit, but that’s beside the point. The reason is you will find little to no faults in the handwoven dress materials from Manipur. These dress materials are, without a doubt, some of the best gift options for women. Beautiful silver jewellery goes extremely well with the Indian sarees made from silk or  tie and dye materials,  ikat suit material,  embroidery dress material. SO, if you ever want to gift your loved ones something traditional on festive occasions, Manipuri weaved,  unstitched dress material would be a perfect choice!

Why buy from iTokri?

ITokri  handicrafts store believes in the authenticity and the rich heritage of India. Through its products, iTokri wants to bring in the hearts of its customers the revelations of how India is the land of culture and rich heritage unmatched to anywhere else in the world. iTokri aims to bring the beauty of handwoven techniques to the people of India and highlight the work of the skilled artisans who pass on their legacy of handicraft making to their future generations. You can only experience the vibrant world of handmade products and handloom if you buy the dress materials from iTokri. From the impeccable designs of Manipuri weaves to the beautiful dress materials of Chanderi and Maheshwari silk, ITokri is a dream come true for those who cherish traditional dress materials. Besides that, iTokri boasts of carefully curated collections of nothing but the most authentic dress materials from all over India. Moreover, iTokri also offers International shipping so that you can get the best of Indian culture shipped to any part of the world!

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Q1. What is Manipuri weave?

Ans. The magical weaves of the state of Manipur can be defined or characterized by the vibrant colours and the gorgeous embroidery designs. These embroidery designs can be the Shamilami design, the Leirong design, the Temple design, the Leirum, the Chum, The KudamManbi, and the Bakey design. Most of these are used on either dress materials, accessories like shoulder bags, or household décor items like tablecloths or bed covers.

Q2. Which fabrics are used as Manipuri weave dress materials?

Ans. Dress materials for Manipuri weaves include a wide range of fabrics like Mashru cotton from Kutch, Ikat fabrics, different types of silk-like Chanderi, Maheshwari, Kantha, etc.

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