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    Bandhani Sarees

    Exclusive Bandhini / Bandhej Sarees On iTokri

    Bandhani or Bandhej is a prevalent type of tie-dye fabric, prepared and tinted by plucking the cloth with your fingers' nails into several minuscule bindings that eventually get converted into a beautiful design and a surprisingly lightweight and comfortable fabric.Pure georgette bandhani sarees online found their origin in Gujarat and Rajasthan, which are home to an astounding variety of traditional crafts. You might have indeed seen beautiful Gujarati women wearingGujarati ban...

    Exclusive Bandhini / Bandhej Sarees On iTokri

    Bandhani or Bandhej is a prevalent type of tie-dye fabric, prepared and tinted by plucking the cloth with your fingers' nails into several minuscule bindings that eventually get converted into a beautiful design and a surprisingly lightweight and comfortable fabric.Pure georgette bandhani sarees online found their origin in Gujarat and Rajasthan, which are home to an astounding variety of traditional crafts. You might have indeed seen beautiful Gujarati women wearingGujarati bandhani sarees online and pulling off this classic look perfectly.

    iTokri is an online platform that aims to celebrate the creativity and talent of artisans across India. We encourage our customers to support their livelihood by purchasing handmade products. One such step towards this initiative is the selling of Bandhani / Bandhej Sarees on our online store. The sheer brightness of the vivid colours on thisPure Bandhani saree Online and the abstract designs will mesmerize you. Being the most trusted online shopping platform, iTokri has a wide variety of Bandhani orpure bandhej saree online, winter shawls, a vast collection of handmade products online like hand-painted bed sheets, eco-friendly stationery, and accessories like nose pins and handcrafted jewellery. Thus, it is a true #madeinindia online store. Celebrate the elegance of traditional Indian trends with Ajrak Kutchi Bandhani saree online or Bandhej saree online. Handcrafted clothing can honestly bring a charm to your wardrobe, especially if it is authentic and locally sourced to give you the best quality like the special munga silk Ajrakh Kutch Bandhani,cotton bandhej saree,or Bandhej prints and Bandhani cotton sarees on iTokri. Designed by artisans in Kutch, Ajrak block printing uses nature’s patterns in attractive outlines and styles.

    Boutique Handloom Straight from Artisans With iTokri

    Weavers to the closet, iTokri presents you with refined preferences of  fabrics online in India. You can find an outlet for the Bagru print articulated by the Chippas society or choose the Khun clothing of Maharashtra.  For a luxurious appearance, Maheshwari clothing or south silk sarees are best for you. With iTokri, receive these completely and other classic handlooms and  traditional Indian sarees transported globally at a reasonable cost. Moreover, Bandhani saree shopping online is easier with a wide range of royal bandhani bandhej saree,  chanderi silk sarees,  Ikat weave silk saris, etc.

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    Bandhani Sarees With Other Indian Handicrafts Online

    iTokri is India’s most loved craft store and contains the most extensive collection of Indian fabrics. The handmade sarees define the true nature of our Indian tradition and, at the same time, reflect the Indian trends as well.  Being the best online store for traditional Indian crafts, iTokri has various Traditional Bandhani sarees and Silk Bandhani saree. Wearing them with a touch of handmade jewellery is the best fit for occasions like wedding functions, birthday celebrations, Navratri functions, or any event or party you have to attend with your loved ones. With different shades of Silk Bandhani saree available at our online store, you can light up every occasion with a beautiful nose-pin as the perfect accessory. These beautiful Indian handicrafts online are readily available at iTokri to keep your wardrobe updated with the latest trends.

    We not only have a plethora of traditional Bandhani sarees or Bandhej sarees online but have other handcrafted things like jewelry, bedcoverswinter shawls to suit all the purposes of our customers. Moreover, with the stylish  eco-friendly stationery added with some of  Kota Doria crafts available at iTokri, you can make your kids happy and thrilled by giving them one out-of-the-box stationery set. Thus, you get a chance to buy authentic crafts of India only at iTokri.

    Buy Bandhani or Bandhej Crafts Online

    Along with bandhej cotton saree, explore the exclusive collection of handmade Bandhani/Bandhej fabrics online that will impress everyone with a delicate taste. You could also shop the best Bandhani/Bandhej stoles and scarves online to match your outfit at iTokri. Were you looking to buy Bandhani/Bandhej dress material online? Get designer suits and dresses made of these authentic Bandhani/Bandhej dress materials. Level up your suits and traditional Indian dresses with these best Bandhani/Bandhej dupattas. You could also check out these authentic  Bandhani/Bandhej crafts of India and give your house a little traditional touch.

    Best Fabrics That You Can Find Online For A Bandhani Saree

    Bandhani saree or bandhej saree  are available in a variety of hues, patterns, and materials. Fabric is one of a Bandhani saree's most crucial components. It is crucial that you pick a decent fabric for your Bandhani saree because the saree's fabric may make or break how it looks.

    The most popular materials for Bandhani sarees include:

    Silk Bandhani Saree: 

    One of the most popular and favoured materials for a Bandhani saree is silk. A silk  Rajasthani Bandhani saree multiplies the elegance and beauty of a regular bandhani saree. Consider wearing a seductive red silk Bandhani print saree to turn heads. To achieve the ideal Rajasthani aesthetic, adorn the border of your silk Bandhani saree with thick Gota Patti.

    Georgette Bandhani Saree

     Pure Georgette Bandhani sarees are available in a rainbow of vibrant hues, including red, orange, pink, yellow, and green. Only at iTokri you find a Bandhej saree online  with zari embroidery at an exhilarating price. Georgette Bandhani sarees are the ideal Bandhani saree to show off your contours because they are simple to drape and nearly transparent.

    Chiffon Bandhani Saree

    Chiffon sarees have established themselves as a modern classic in ethnic fashion because they are timeless, elegant, and cosy. For all the young women out there, chiffon Bandhani sarees are ideal. Chiffon is a very thin material that has a highly sensual appearance thanks to its little translucence.

    Cotton Bandhani Saree

    The main difference between cotton and chiffon bandhani sarees is that cotton textiles are far more breathable. Both types of sarees are equally lightweight. Browse iTokri today to see our enormous selection of Cotton Rajasthani  Bandhani sarees online! 

    Latest And Trending Bandhani Saree Designs

    Bandhani Saree With Gota Patti Work

    Purchase a Bandhani saree with a half-and-half pattern. The saree has a solid, simple portion on one side, and a stunning Bandhani print on the other. Add a detailed Gota Patti border to the entire saree. Feel immediately regal when wearing this Bandhani saree with Gota Patti embroidery and it is the perfect party wear bandhani saree To get the most out of the saree, accessorise it with a Maangtika and a substantial Kundan jewellery set.

    Classic Red Bandhani Saree

    Choose a red saree that is monochromatic and has small black, red, and blue Bandhani prints all over it. A traditional red Bandhani saree is given as a wedding gift in several cultures in Rajasthan and Gujarat because it represents prosperity and luck. To give the saree an edgy appearance, add a narrow border.

    Bridal Bandhani Saree

    Choose a red Bandhani saree made of Banarasi silk for the ideal bridal look. This saree would be a lovely combination of the Banaras and Kutch handloom cultures. For that heavy bridal sensation, make sure the Bandhani silk saree is tastefully finished with zari work all over. Every bride ought to have at least one bridal Bandhani saree, in our opinion.

    Bandhani Saree With Ajrakh Print

    This saree will demonstrate that there is something incredibly beautiful about handprints. Buy Bandhani saree with an Ajrakh print in green that is made of Bandhani silk. Your saree will appear rich and regal as a result. One of the most popular Bandhani sarees, it looks great when worn at religious ceremonies, weddings, and housewarming celebrations.

    Bandhani Saree With Mirror Work

    Sarees with mirror embroidery have been popular since the Mughal era. Despite the fact that women at the time didn't typically wear sarees, mirror work was a very popular style of art and was utilised on both royal men and women's clothing. Back then, trained artisans were able to complete every task by hand. We now have machines that provide the same outcomes. Nowadays, practically any saree fabric may be embellished with attractive patterns using machine work with glass and silver. Consider wearing a Bandhani saree with mirror work to be the centre of attention at any event.

    Shop For Bandhani Saree Online At An Affordable Price

    Your search for the ideal Bandhani saree that is stylish and reasonably priced is now over. Buy Rajasthani Bandhani saree online and embrace the rich heritage inheritance of India. iTokri offers the best prices along with a selection that is unmatched anywhere else. There is something for everyone here, from silk Bandhani saree to Bandhani saree with Gota Patti work and various other prints. We firmly believe that a wardrobe is not complete without Bandhej Saree. Moreover iTokri also offers a beautiful collection of bandhani tie dye fabrics, bandhani tie and dye, bandhani tie dye dress material, bandhani tie dye dupattas, bandhani tie dye stoles, bandhani tie dye blouse pieces with beautiful colours and patterns.

    Why Choose iTokri For The Best Online Shopping Experience?

    With over 10,000 positive reviews across the web, we meet the expectations of our customers. iTokri offers the best and easy shopping experience by following just a few steps to get your goods delivered to your doorstep. We provide free shipping in India for all orders above Rs 500. We also offer international shipping for our customers across the world. 

    The return or cancellation policies at iTokri are highly convenient. You can reach out to customer care by sending an email  or call on 1800-1201-269. We live up to our motto, i.e., handpicked India’s most beautiful products; Sirf Aapke Liye!

    Think Bandhej Saree, think iTokri. :)

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    1. Which fabric is used in Bandhani?

    The material used for preparing Bandhani is Muslin, Silk, Handloom, Cotton, and Voile. The most used out of these materials are cotton and silk, which everyone loves.

    2. What are the types of Bandhani Patterns?

    The Bandhani pattern consists of dots, waves, squares, and motifs.

    3. How are Bandhani sarees made?

    Bandhani/ Bandhej Saree is made by weaving and dyeing the fabric. Then, the dots, waves, squares, and motifs are made by tying all the small portions of material with continuous threads.

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