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Leheria - Shibori - Ikat - Bandhini Tie & Dye Sarees

Graceful Shibori Sarees

 Shibori sarees originated from Japan and are practised extensively in the regions of Rajasthan. It involves shaping up the fabric, securing it with a thread, and then dyeing it with the desired colours. The elegant tie and dye methods to make beautiful designs and patterns. Each shibori fabric is unique since tying can't be performed precisely. Distinct patterns and colourful designs are obtained from this tie and dye method. Shibori sarees involve stitching varied patterns on the fabric and tightly gathering it before the dyeing process. The tie-dye saree looks super graceful.

Everything You Want To Know About The Graceful Shibori Sarees 

Shibori sarees are smooth and soft with blurry edges. The fabric is tied with a rope then dye is used to colour the fabric. Since it is connected with the rope, the areas underlying it are uncoloured, and the remaining material is coloured. You can check tie-dye saree online. The design is implemented in a linear or a non-linear form made as a motif. Desired patterns are created on paper, or a computer design is made, which is then transferred onto a plastic sheet. The sheet is run through a machine, and stencils are made. The stencil is then spread on a neat unbleached fibre. A block is dipped in kerosene, and a silver solution is pressed along it. The kerosene from the union of duster penetrates through the tiny craters marking the pattern on the cloth. Kerosene, which is a binder, evaporates. The silver pigment is effortlessly curtailed by wiping the cloth. You can also look for Bandhini saree online, and it is another traditional beauty.

Running stitches are made with needles and knit along with the design. A little cloth is fastened in the two edges of the string that breaks the material when grabbed from the ends. Two people are composed to make the tightening process. One person holds the fabric, and the other pulls the thread to make the elegant saree. Dyeing is done by soaking the fabric in a mild soap solution, and then natural dyes are used to colour the material. Either silk shibori saree or a Cotton shibori saree is a must in every women's wardrobe since the beautiful hues and patterns can be endorsed in any occasion or festival. You can also check for Bandhini tie-dye saree online, and it is available for an affordable price.

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  1. What are Tie & Dye Sarees? 

Tie and dye is an ancient technique of designing the fabric by twisting, folding, crumbling the cloth with a thread and then dyeing it using various colours. 

  1. What are Shibori sarees? 

Shibori sarees have unique, beautiful patterns made using the tie and dye method by the weavers in a traditional way.