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Handmade Bead Work Torans

Buy Handmade Beadwork Torans Online

There is a saying that goes, ‘first impressions are the last impressions.’ When you enter a house and look at the beautiful piece of door hanging, you certainly are left with an awe of the intricate designs and exclusive craftsmanship. They give off a small idea of what the vibe of the atmosphere feels like. This probably has made you conclude the impression you have fostered. Torans do an excellent job of creating the best first impressions.

The history of torans can be linked back to mentions in the Puranas and comes from the word‘Torana’, which in Sanskrit means an arched gateway and‘tor’ which means pass. The home entrance is of utmost significance as it serves as a barrier between the outside world and the comforts of one’s home in its most pure state. Torans are essentially decorative items hung on doors consisting of marigolds and mango leaves tied by strings. In a cultural sense, torans attract the goddess of wealth – Lakshmi. They are also often green in colour as a means to take in all the polluted air from the outside and circulate fresh and oxygen-rich air in your house. Green as a colour is also associated with feelings of tranquillity. The art of torans has evolved tremendously, and many have incorporated different forms in their works. They are often printed, dyed, adorned with other decorative items and match almost any aesthetic you could think of while prevailing their symbolistic meanings. Beads toran designs are one prevalent form of torans. They include a varied range of beads and patchworked designs or hand-painted designs. Beadwork torans are even used to decorate the entrances of temples. You can buy beadwork torans at iTokri as we have a fantastic collection that you’ll surely love!

What Makes iTokri Special?

At iTokri, we give artists from all over India a chance to portray their skills and creativity, and you get the opportunity to add these valuable items to your lifestyle. So whether you are looking for some  blue pottery ceramic products to add to your pottery collection or unique  new year gifts, we have what your heart desires. Check out our  festival collections and  fabrics online, and rest assured you will get the best. iTokri is one of the best handcrafted online stores, helping many artisans around by helping with their unique and traditional works.


  • What is beadwork toran?
  • Bead toran consists of a decorative door hanging with beads of various colours and sizes. If you want to add beautiful handmade beadwork toran to your door hanging collection, then iTokri is the right place.  We have the best collection of skillfully crafted beadwork torans online that incorporate vibrance and style.

  • Why are handmade beadwork torans beautiful?
  • The different styles and colours integrated into handmade beadwork torans make them extremely beautiful. Since they are handmade, it gives the artisan crafting them a chance to showcase their creativity and skills. Buy torans online at iTokri and decorate your entrance beautifully.