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Kutchi Embroidery Craft

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Itokri kutch work dress material online 

Kutch Hand Embroidery is one of the most famous fabric art forms in India. It traces its origins to the 16th century Kutch region in Gujarat and is an art form passed down from one generation of artisans to the next.

Kutch Embroidery Sarees

Kutch embroidery designs add an instant pop to the dullest cloth materials as the artwork is intricate and rich in itself. Earlier, Kutch embroidery used to be incorporated only on cotton fabrics but is now used on various materials. So you can get intricately designed kutch work embroidery on even silk sarees, cotton sarees, and many other fabrics. 

Kutch Embroidery Dupattas

Kutch embroidery dupattas can complement all your Indo-western and ethnic outfits. The attractive mirror work on the dupattas helps elevate the look of your ensemble. So, if you are wondering how you can add style to your plain salwars, you should check out the Itokri  kutch work dupattas

Kutch Work Design Patterns And Gifts

Kutch work designs and patterns can be the perfect and unique gift for your friends or any woman. Choose these exquisite kutch embroidery design materials and motifs online at iTokri. At  Itokri, you will get a wide range of selections on Kutch embroidery patterns with different colors, styles, and stitch designs. Since these are all handcrafted, you are sure to get an authentic and unique product.

Stitches And Styles

Kutch embroidery comes in various styles like Suf, Khaarek, Paako, Rabari, Garasia Jat, and Mutava. And all these styles are enhanced with different stitching patterns, thus making the fabric more attractive. Various stitching patterns like the square chain, double buttonhole, pattern drawing, running stitch, straight stitches, and more ensure that the designs on the fabric material capture the viewer's attention. From the above stitching and styling patterns, 16 types of products can be created - Ahir, Aari, Gotauvn, Jat Garasia, Jat Fakirani, Kambira, Khudi-Tebha, Kharek, Pakko, Rabari, Soof.

Despite their tribal and ethnic origins, this art form can be widely applied to modern costumes and new designs. Explore these patterns and motifs and get creative with your dressing style!  

Why Should You Buy From iTokri?

Anything handmade gives a special and unique feel. And in Itokri, all our outfits are made with special care and attention using quality raw materials. So, when you wear our costumes, all you will get is the elite feel. Since kutch embroidery has been practiced and honed by Indian artisans for many generations, there is an exceptional emotional appeal to the art form.  Make Kutch embroidery a part of your wardrobe, and wow everyone with your unique style!