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Applique Work Sling Bags

Eco-Friendly Handcrafted and Applique Quilted Sling Bags At iTokri

Our parents used to keep our enthusiasm and, to be honest, destructive impulses under control by engaging us with arts and crafts when we were younger. Before the Internet, many children's greatest joys included drawing or making crafts out of items available about the house. Now, however, parents are becoming more aware of the dangers of the Internet for children and are attempting to bring back the days of crafts. Still, this time using ecological and compostable materials to ensure that the environment is not harmed.

India has been a center for tradition and cultural legacy since the dawn of time, and one of such heritages is handicrafts. Millions of skilled artisans across India continue to create handicrafts such as toys, home decor, and daily necessities using sustainable materials. iTokri is committed to preserving Indian culture by providing you with these eco-friendly handicrafts.

List of Handcrafted Sling Bags from iTokri

Here are some of the most affordable eco-friendly handmade sling bags that you can buy online in India from iTokri. All the sling bags are of the best quality and are available at affordable prices as well.

  • Applique Quilted Sling Bag

Sling bags are one of the essential items for daily life. Women cannot step out without carrying their whole world in a sling bag. This is a cotton fabric sling bag with a quilted applique design. This sling bag has enough room for all of your needs. It was hand quilted by the women of Purkal Stree Shakti Samiti in Dehradun and features contemporary patterns. The outside of this sling bag contains a zipper pocket, while the inside is lined with cotton fabric.

  • Handmade Organic Water Hyacinth Sling Bag from Assam

If you are looking for eco-friendly yet beautifully handcrafted slings bags, iTokri has all the solutions to your needs. Using naturally dried hyacinth fibers and carefully embellished with designs, this sling bag is produced from handwoven water hyacinth fiber. It contains one zipper pocket and one plain pocket on the inside, both lined with cotton fabric. Water Hyacinth product lines are both natural and environmentally friendly.

  • Handcrafted Quilted Sanganeri Print Shoulder Bag

These are high-end quilted sanganeri print shoulder bags manufactured from 100% cotton fabric. It provides enough room to store the majority of your essentials. An indigenous printing technology, Sanganeri, originated in Jaipur, the southernmost district of Rajasthan. These bags are both stylish and environmentally friendly.

Why Should you use iTokri?

iTokri has started a Crafts Initiative to source, manufacture, and design authentic and sustainable handicrafts from artists across the country. Our team created this in-house platform to preserve India's distinct and unique heritage while supporting local businesses and artisans around the country.


Q1. What do you mean by applique work?

Appliqué is a sewing method in which fabric patches are laid on a foundation cloth, and then hand- or machine-stitched in place, with the raw edges rolled under or covered with ornamental stitching. Appliqué is a technique for embellishing clothing or household linens from the French word applique, which means "to put on."

Q2. What are the different types of applique?

Machine appliqué, hand appliqué, and fused appliqué are the three basic types of appliqué.