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Bagru Dabu Prints of Rajasthan

An Overview Of Dabu Printing

Dabu or 'Daboo' is also referred to as Mud Resist painting, and it is one of the ancient printing techniques widely practised in Rajasthan. Besides the scrupulous attention to detail required for such painting, this form of painting is unique mainly because of the technique applied. It is called mud resist painting because a mud mixture is put on fabrics which are then dyed. The mud resistance is used to create traditional motifs on the material, and the methods used in dabu printing are Kahma, Lal titri, Dholika and Kantedar.

iTokri Brings To You The Best Ever Exclusive Fabrics With Dabu Prints

Here are some of the best items from our collection of Dabu printed fabrics that you would surely fall in love with!

  1. Dabu Hand Block Printed South Cotton Dupatta: You have bought a new salwar suit and don't know what dupatta to pair it with. Check out this fantastic dupatta with Dabu printed that has been done by hand by the most skilled artisans from the Bagru region in Rajasthan.
  2. Dabu Hand Block Printed Mul Cotton Natural Dyed Dupatta: Besides the fine quality of mul cotton used for this dupatta, you will notice the impeccable dabu work on it and the hand-carved wooden block technique that is so widely practised in the Bagru region of Rajasthan.
  3. Bagru Dabu Hand Block Printed Mul Cotton Natural Dyed Dupatta: Bagru is a printing technique on fabrics that has the quality of being quite environmentally friendly as artisans always use vegetable dyes. Thus, if you are looking for sustainable clothing, this dupatta is the one to get.
  4. Bagru Ajrakh Dabu Hand Block Printed Chanderi Silk Natural Dyed Dupatta: This is one of the most exclusive dupattas in our Dabu-Bagru collection for several reasons. Firstly, the fabric used for this dupatta is chanderi silk. Besides that, Bagru, Dabu and Ajrakh's techniques are applied to this beautiful piece of clothing, which will help you make a fashion statement wherever you go.
  5. Indigo Dabu Hand Block Printed Bhagalpuri Handloom Cotton Dupatta: Handloom clothing is always exclusive and has a different vibe to them altogether. Check out this indigo handloom cotton dupatta which not only features Dabu but hand block techniques as well.

Why Choose iTokri?

Dabu and Bagru printed fabrics are just one part of the whole array of collections that we have at the iTokri store. iTokri is not your ordinary online store where you can buy fabrics. We curate the most exotic and exclusive of them all, handcrafted by the most skilful artisans from all over India. Besides stocking up fabrics, we also curate gifts like home decor and daily essentials for regular and festive days.


Q1. What is Dabu cotton?

Ans. When you use the technique of Dabu on cotton, the fabric is called Dabu cotton. As mentioned earlier, Dabu refers to using mud as resistance against the indigo dyed fabric to create patterns.

Q2.What is the difference between dabu and Bagru prints?

Ans. Bagru printing is a form of hand block printing done in natural colours, for example, with indigo. At the same time, dabu is the technique of creating patterns of dyed fabric using mud as a resistance.