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Batik Print Blouse Fabrics

Batik Print Clothing Materials From iTokri

Batik is an old art form that involves the application of wax and pigments on fabric to produce a visual illusion. The phrase is thought to be derived from the term 'Ambatik,' which means a bit of fabric with tiny dots, wax writing, or painting in dotted lines when translated. It is a form of art that is admired all around the globe. Explore our online range of Batik pattern fabrics that will impress even the most discerning customers. You can also discover the best Batik print blouse piece, dress fabrics, and other accessories to complement your closet at iTokri.

Batik Print Clothing Items 

1. Special Tagai Work Batik Print Cotton Blouse Material

Tagai artwork batik print cotton blouse material of excellent quality. Batik is a wax-resist dyeing process applied to the whole fabric or manufactured using this procedure. Indian batik's classic patterns and themes are frequently carried down through generations. These blouse fabrics featured running designs and were hand crocheted utilising Tagai's traditional artisan process.

2. Batik Print Cotton Kaftan with Tie-Up Waist (Long)

Pure cotton long kaftan with batik print and customisable elastic waist tie. An ankle-length kaftan or caftan with long, flowy sleeves is a typical kaftan or caftan. The silky touch and stunning hand prints add to the appeal of these loose-fitting cotton kaftans. You will be able to move freely and comfortably in this outfit. In addition, the elasticated waistline tie allows you to modify the fit to your specific body type.

3. Batik Print Running Stitch Pure Cotton Long Skirt

Long skirt in fine quality hand batik print cotton with contemporary running stitch motifs. There are two types of batiks: wax-resist dyeing and reactive dyeing. Wax-resist dyeing is done to whole cloth or cloth manufactured by this method. Indian batik's traditional designs and themes are often passed from generation to generation. It's pretty light.

4. 3pc Hand Batik Print Cotton Suit Material Set From Kutch

Three-piece suit textile set made from handcrafted batik printed pure cotton of excellent quality. Wax resisting dyeing is an Indonesian technique used for dyeing whole cloth or cloth made this way.  The traditional themes and designs of Indian batik are passed down from one generation to another.  It's pretty lightweight.

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  1. What is batik print fabric?

Batik is a wax-resist colouring process on the entire textile. Batik is created by drawing dotted lines and outlines in the resistance using a spouted tool known as a canting or printing the opposition with a copper imprint known as a cap.

  1. Where are batik fabrics made?

Batik is a historic Indonesian fabric wax-resist colouring process. Batik is a fully advanced art form, and some of the finest batiks on the planet are still produced there. All of the components for the procedure are commonly accessible in Java, including cloth, beeswax, and botanicals used to make various vegetable colours.

  1. What is unique about batik fabric?

Instead of employing thread weaving, they can use actual designs to create themes. Batik cloth is also noted for its long life. This means that, compared to stamped or painted fabrics, the colours utilised have a far increased strain tolerance.