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    Bodos are said to be one of the finest weavers in Assam. The basic raw materials involved are acrylic, cotton, and silk. Trials also practiced Cotton cultivation, yarn spinning, and dyeing but gradually the weavers discontinued these activities for other reasons and moved towards weaving.

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    Process of Assam Bodo weaving

    The tools required for weaving consist of threads, spindles, spinning machines, warp drums or pins, and looms. Most of these tools are made of bamboo. Assam weavers use both waist weaving tools and shuttle casting tools. Most Women Bodo weave in shuttle bowls. Bodo weave is set to direct loom i.e. if the design is set to looms it lasts for all ages of the yard.

    Bodo weaving of Assam

    Very few people know that Renowned International fashion designer and former supermodel Bibi Russell has collaborated with the ethnic Bodo women of Assam to create a new line of lifestyle products that will be a blend of traditional Bodo culture and high fashion. Bibi Russell, who was linked with leading international brands and fashion shows in the 1970s and 80s, will now train & aware Bodo women working for Weaving Destination in modern design techniques and a range of skills that will help them in marketing their products as a premium label

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