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Hand Painted Silk Fabrics

Enter The World Of Hand Painted Silk Fabrics With iTokri

The world of textiles is a vast and diverse one, and the material known as silk is no exception. It is produced by a cocoon, which is the casing that surrounds a caterpillar while it transforms into a butterfly. The soft, thin fabric that we are most often familiar with today is called silk, and the larvae of the silkworm produce it. Silk is one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world. It has been used to make fine clothing and accessories for centuries. Silk fabric is known for its soft feel, smooth texture, and ability to keep the wearer cool even in the hottest weather. When most people think of silk, they picture soft, shiny fabrics in various colours. However, you can also get painted silk fabrics, creating stunning textiles with unique patterns and designs. The painting on silk is called shibori, which is a traditional Japanese hand-dyeing technique. Shibori involves folding, twisting, and tying the fabric to manipulate the shape of the material.

Buy Hand-Painted Fabrics Online Only From iTokri

Hand-painted silk fabric is one of the most luxurious fabrics you can find. It’s soft and smooth, and it feels fantastic against the skin. It’s a material that has been used by the rich and famous for hundreds of years. iTokri’s  Handpainted Srikalahasti Kalamkari Pen Work Chanderi Silk Fabric is designed based on Srikalahasti style of kalamkari. For around 200 years, Kalamkari has been around in Srikalahasti. The piece is hand-worked using natural colours. In contrast to other places where this kind of craft is practised, Srikalahasti retains the ancient techniques of dyeing that have been passed down through generations. Because each piece is hand-painted/handcrafted, colour and design usually occur.

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  1. Can you hand paint silk?

Yes, you can hand paint silk based on the shibori process. Shibori process is a well-known hand-dyeing technique that provides you with varied colours and designs on silk fabric. 

  1. How do you make silk paint resistant?

To make your silk paint resistant, you need to dilute 1 part resist with 3 parts water, then paint it on the fabric with the help of a brush, and then simply allow it to dry. 

  1. Can you hand paint fabric?

Yes, you can hand paint fabric using acrylic fabric paint or textile paint. They contain pigments that are specially formulated to use on fabrics.