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    Who doesn't love Rajasthani-inspired beautiful products? Haveli Chronicles is the curative brand for all the exclusive products from the royal landscape of Rajasthan. From Jaisalmer to Jodhpur and Jaipur to Ranthambore, Haveli Chronicles has been on the ball for a very long time. The array of their products in textiles & accessories is impeccable. They always take care of the supreme quality of products. As Haveli Chronicles comes from the most lively part of India, it has its own luxurious design but in a traditional style. The collection is purely authentic and bona fide. No chemical products, ecological manufacturing is the unique selling point of Haveli Chronicles. iTokri is delighted to have them as our esteemed partner.

    Hoard Up On The Best Ever Home Decor This Season Exclusively From Rajasthan!

    Rajasthan i...

    Hoard Up On The Best Ever Home Decor This Season Exclusively From Rajasthan!

    Rajasthan is the westernmost state in India and was formerly known as Rajputana. It is arguably the most colorful part of India. This vibrant land is known not for luxuries but for the traditional way of life and the bright, traditional costumes widely found in this state. Did you know in total, the production of textiles in this state accounts for almost 22%? Rajasthan’s textiles are a conglomeration of the works of several generations with impeccable attention to detail, details, and handicraft skills. If you are looking for Rajasthani handicrafts, it is advisable to buy them from local artisans. iTokri brings to you such beautiful handicrafts from this vibrant land, all sourced from the best local artisans of Rajasthan.

    Check Out The Exclusive Collection Of Rajasthani Handicrafts By Haveli Chronicles Only On iTokri.

    Rajasthan’s most well-known textiles are Bandhani, Leheriya, Sanganeri, Barmeri Prints, and so on. Here are a few handicrafts in our collections that you would surely love.

    1. Sanganeri Block Printed Cotton Cushion Cover: Besides the home decor you usually have in the living room, paying attention to the cushion and sofa covers is essential for a beautiful room. This cotton cushion cover brought to you by Haveli Chronicles features authentic Sanganeri Block printing and would look great in your home.
    2. Sanganeri Block printed Cotton Double Bed cover with Pillow covers: Besides the living room, having a lovely bedroom is also desirable. For that, you could check out these cotton double bed covers featuring Sanganeri Block printing, which also comes with pillow covers.
    3. Shibori Tie-Dye Cotton 3pc Suit Material set with Chiffon Dupatta: Besides bed and cushion covers, you must also look for unique ethnic dresses that are great not only for the festive season but also for the festive season also for regular days. This 3-pc suit material features Shibori tie-dye and would check all your boxes for a perfect ethnic outfit.
    4. Kantha Work Printed Cotton Table Runner: During this festive season, it is natural that you will be looking for various home decor items, and the more unique they are, the better. So check out this cotton table runner with Kantha work printed throughout and one that would change the look of your rooms!
    5. Khambadia Patchwork Cotton Bandarwal Toran Hanging: Last but not least, another home decor item that could blend easily not only in traditional homes but in modern ones too is this gorgeous Toran hanging made with fine quality Khambadia patchwork cotton. It is the perfect door hanging to buy this festive season and adorn your home with exceptional beauty.

    Why Choose iTokri?

    iTokri brings you this exclusive collection of Rajasthani handicrafts through Haveli Chronicles which is a brand that curates beautiful handicrafts from the rich landscape of Rajasthan. They combine the craft processes and artisans of different areas like Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, and Ranthambore, producing textiles and accessories, thus helping the artisans get a better livelihood.


    Q1. What are Haveli chronicles from Rajasthan?

    Ans. Haveli Chronicles is a brand located in Rajasthan which curates beautiful and exclusive handicrafts from the artisans of the exotic land of Rajasthan. Haveli Chronicles specializes in such products as textiles and accessories from the artisans of Jaisalmer to Jodhpur and Jaipur to Ranthambore.

    Q2. What are the materials available in this category?

    Ans. All the products listed above are part of the Haveli Chronicles collection at iTokri. Besides, you can check out the entireHaveli Chronicles collection on the iTokri website as well.

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