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    Himroo is a silk and cotton fabric. The word "himroo" comes from the Persian word "him-ruh" which means "similar". Himroo is an ancient copy of the KumKhwab, woven from gold and silver threads, and made for royalty.

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    Process of Himroo Fabric

    Jala is paramount in this preparation. Here, the whole structure works initially and specifies where additional wefts must pass through some of the main yarns, the most difficult task. Jala consists of bundles of threads suspended from the ceiling, the number of which is determined by the design.

    Himroo Weaving of Aurangabad

    When Delhi was ruled by the Tughlaq emperors, there was considerable trade between Indian and Persian weavers. During this time, when Emperor Muhammad bin Tuglak tried to relocate to Daulatabad, Maharashtra, some valuable trade secrets of Persian shawl weaving techniques secretly came to Aurangabad. During the Mughal Empire, weavers who enjoyed the patronage of the empire began to challenge the rule of Persian weavers. The Indian-made Himroo shawl has aroused great curiosity in neighboring countries. This not only guaranteed a lucrative export market but also enhanced the image of the Mughal dynasty.