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    Jugmug thela weaves their journeys and stories into their culinary and lifestyle experiences through everything they offer. Through their products, events, and cafes, they aim to connect with you beyond business. They hope to share these experiences and instill in them the richness of their collective culture. "Humse hai Jugmug"- A simple but compelling word that truly embodies their culture at Jugmug. They are for their people and they are their people. They believe that Jugmug is only successful today, thanks to those who spend the morning and evening creating a proud experience for everyone who visits the cafe. They are committed to ecological sustainability and pay attention to it in all our activities. Her cafe is mainly made of wood, brick, glass, metal, and other waste and waste.

    iTokri invites you to the Jugmug experience
    iTokri invites you to the Jugmug experience

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