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Sling Bags by Jugaad

Sling Bags, The New Must Have

Sling bags are one of the most practical accessories. You don’t even have to bother holding it, and it can contain most of your essential daily needs, from a phone to a wallet. These days we cannot leave the house without a sanitiser and other small things of importance, so investing in a good sling bag has become increasingly important. It is not too big either, so you can carry it everywhere and not worry about it creating a hindrance in your way. Be it for brunch with your friends or a professional day out, a sling bag will be your better companion. 

The Need Of Sling Bags

Not just that, sling bags have more than one benefit. They are designed in such a way that they eliminate neck and back pain, so you can carry things and not worry about a tight shoulder or a neck sprain. They maximise mobility while also giving you a chic and modern look. If you are always on the run and getting things done, this is the perfect bag. If you are going on a vacation and want to keep your essentials with you at all times, then the sling bag is the correct answer for you too. If you're going to buy sling bags online, then iTokri has a varied collection with all kinds of designs. These bags are crafted with care; hence they will last you. The designs are inspired by authentic Indian crafts and will help you look culturally chic. 

If you want to buy sling bags online in India with a reasonable price and good quality, you should check out sling bags by jugaad online. They are trusted by many customers who have left a review detailing their experience shopping on iTokri for sling bags. Sling bags by jugaad come in various designs and colours, and you can choose according to your own needs. The most popular ones are the patchwork cotton ones, which can be used daily for office and college or even on vacation. These are also good options if you want to give your mother a bag that will make it easy for her to carry things.  If you are looking for something with a classic Indian touch, you can also go for sling bags in  kalamkari fabric,as these add an Indian touch to your outfit and elevate the look. Pair it up with a beautiful  khan saree from our website or get a nice suit made from the available  fabric online on iTokri, a  handicraft store - it will be so easy to have heads turn wherever you go. 

Why Choose iTokri?

The specialty of iTokri is that you can get your required things within your budget because of the wide variety of available stuff on our site. If someone you know has their birthday coming up, and you know they are into fashion, buying them a nice sling bag from iTokri will be a good idea. It is unique, beautiful, and practical. We are a trusted name, and our customers keep coming back and leaving loving reviews for us. 


  • What is the benefit of a sling bag?
  • If you tend to have neck and back problems, then a sling bag is the most practical choice for you as it does not add extra weight to your body and bring you discomfort. A small bag that helps in holding all your day-to-day essentials and create a perfect look with any of your outfits.

  • What can I pair a sling bag with?
  • You can use a sling bag with Indian, indo-western, wester, or even traditional clothes. iTokri has a wide range which will fit all your needs.