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Know Some More About Trivets!

Trivets are essential in the kitchen on which you put down the serving pan, bowl or dish to protect the countertops and surfaces of the table where you would place down a steaming hot pot. Trivets may vary from a cast-iron one to cork trivets and more. Trivets are a lot like tiny tripods, holding up the serving dish from touching the tabletop or the countertops of your kitchen to prevent damage from the heat of the hotdish or pots.

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Some of the frequently asked questions are:

  • What is another word for trivet?

Trivets have another few words as their synonyms- hot pads, table mats,  and potholders being a few of them.

  • What is the difference between trivet and coaster?

Coasters are generally and most suitably used as a protection guard of the tabletops from cups or glasses and spillages. Coasters are best used for drinks or beverage holders.

Attractive the other hand, Trivets are for serving dishes, pans or bowls and these kitchen products have three-four legend stands to support the dish on them and keep a distance from the tabletop. The top part is generally wood or often a thick mat made of wool or cardboards. 

Coasters are generally smaller than trivets. As a result, coasters have a smoother bottom surface, but trivets have tripod-like legs to keep the dish away from touching or coming into contact with tabletops.