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    White river stories is a unique collection of white metal german silver jewelry and accessories handcrafted in India. They have a collection of artistic jewelry designs, Beach stone earrings, and summer nature-inspired necklaces.

    Adorn Yourself With The Best And Most Exclusive Stonework Necklaces This Festive Season


    Adorn Yourself With The Best And Most Exclusive Stonework Necklaces This Festive Season

    Jewelry has always been a part of human civilization since time immemorial. Whether you think about the Egyptian culture or our homeland’s Indus Valley, Mohenjodaro, and Harappan civilization, there have been archaeological discoveries of elaborate jewelry pieces. During those times, jewelry used to be made with various types of stones or objects found in nature like seashells. Those types of jewelry are super trendy nowadays, but there are only a few places where you find such gorgeous jewelry pieces. If you too wish for such necklaces or necklace sets featuring stonework or seashells, iTokri is just the spot for you!

    Buy The Best Stonework Necklaces Only At iTokri!

    1. Antique  Finish Natural Stone Oxidised German Silver Necklace: A beautiful stone necklace is exactly what you need to accessorize your outfit, whether it’s ethnic or western. And yes, you can use these necklaces on both types of dresses, and they would look equally good! This stone necklace features a pink stone, rather like a geode, and we are sure you would love it!
    2. Antique  Natural Stone German Oxidised Silver Necklace: If you are looking for a necklace that’s even more unique, check out this necklace which has a band of oxidized German silver and features three stones each of different colors and with an antique finish. Besides that, this necklace is entirely handcrafted by skilled craftsmen from other parts of India and shows impeccable attention to detail and beauty.
    3. Antique Dual Tone Oxidised Brass Base Stone Necklace set: Necklace sets are even better than just necklaces as you will be sure all your accessories match up with whatever outfit you choose to wear. This Oxidised brass base stone necklace set has dual-toned stone sets on it. It would make you look exceptional whether you wear an ethnic or western outfit. Moreover, this necklace set is made of high-quality oxidized, and it also has a stone shine effect.
    4. Handmade Natural Stone Brass Base Necklace: This necklace is quite different from the ones listed above for several reasons. Firstly, the chain itself is made of brass which has a beautiful color. Then, the stones set in the necklace are not placed into the brass band but are let hang from the chain, giving it a unique look. Finally, giving the necklace is handmade and would surely earn you compliments wherever you go.
    5. Handcrafted seashell necklace: If you are looking for something unique and different than the above-listed stone necklaces, you must check out this handcrafted seashell necklace. Besides being different in looks, this seashell necklace is handmade and looks beautiful with countless outfits.

    Why Choose iTokri?

    Besides these fascinating pieces of jewelry that you can get at iTokri without having to empty your wallet in time for the festive season, you will find many more collections of gorgeous jewelry here. Moreover, you can accessorize your outfits with this jewelry not only for the festive season but on regular days too. That’s how versatile these are!


    Q1.Are the stonework necklaces grand?

    Ans. Stonework necklaces are pretty grand, especially those you can find on our website, as they are made of antique stones that would totally steal your heart!

    Q2. Where to buy a stonework Necklace set?

    Ans. You can buy the most  beautiful stonework necklaces and sets all at iTokri at the most affordable prices.

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