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    Warangal Weave Kalamkari Block Printed Cotton Durrie / Carpet / Rug (49 x 24 in)


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    Dispatches within 48 hours

    Fixed Price Shop

    Packed with lots of love!


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    The typical lifespan of area rugs is 5-10 years. Life expectancy will depend not only on the amount of people walking in your home, but also on how you maintain the carpet.

    Key benefits of using carpet:

    1. Protects floors from damage. Floors are susceptible to damage from heavy objects, furniture, pet claws, and sharp objects that can scratch floors.

    2. Noise reduction.

    3. Comfort.

    4. Anchor furniture.

    5 Easy to clean.

    6. Heat the room.

    If you've just rolled out a brand new rug and it just has ripples from packing or shipping, usually, if you flatten it as flat as possible and let it sit for a day or two, the fibers will will stretch and the carpet will begin to flatten itself.

    Ideally, you should leave an equal amount of floor space on all sides of the rug.Allow about 8 to 24 inches on all sides. 18 inches is the most common room, but in smaller spaces, as little as 8 inches will suffice. The main goal is to center the rug in the room.

    First, assess the durability of the carpet you are considering purchasing. Look at the pile thickness, elasticity, material and weight of the rug. To do this, press your thumb firmly into the stack. The faster it bounces back and recovers, the denser and more elastic it is.