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Beautiful Block Printed Unisex Boxer/Shorts

Unisex Boxer/Shorts And Its Comforters

When it comes to buying underwear, guys automatically choose comfort. Underwear is one of the most sought-after undergarments because we wear it every day and cannot afford to ignore it. The never-ending battle between slip and boxer will never cease, and both have millions of fans and detractors. The boxer pants, more than any other men's underwear, provide essential comfort in everyday life. They offer a comprehensive feeling of freedom and lightness by not compressing the remote regions. To ensure maximum comfort, men's briefs come in various styles, including wide, tight, fitting, long, and short. As a result, you may rest assured that you will locate the most comfortable pants for you.

Men's boxer shorts have a looser fit, allowing the man's body to move freely without feeling "imprisoned."  Men have the privilege to wear boxer shorts, but there are also boxer briefs unisex available for both men and women. 

Buy Boxers For Men and Women Online From iTokri

iTokri has the best collection of Sanganeri cotton print unisex boxers/shorts. Ranging from size S to XXL, you can choose one. The handmade cotton fabric with sanganeri hand block patterns comes with 100% cotton. The elastic waistband provides you complete freedom of movement in every situation, while the panel seams ensure a secure fit. Your underwear wardrobe will be vastly improved with a range of classic hues and vibrant prints to choose from. These enticing theme boxer shorts will make significant additions to your casual wear collection and make you look attractive. Ideal for use as innerwear, sleeping or lounging at home. Comfortable to wear under formal pants without leaving boxer lines, suitable for sports and gym workouts. iTokri can help you figure out what to wear under your bottoms if you're ever stumped.

With a unique range of cotton boxer briefs, and unisex, patterned boxers, iTokri provides you with the most remarkable men's cotton boxers shorts at the best prices. Besides boxer shorts, they do have a wide range of running  fabrics online,  festive collections,  dupatta online,  stoles and scarves,  silver jewellery,  folk art paintings,  home and kitchen accessories,  home decor,  handmade stationery,  face masks online,  woolens, and so on to meet your every need.

Why Chose iTokri

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iTokri values client relationships and has earned the trust of hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, as seen by the evaluations and testimonials it receives daily. You may now order actual Indian fabrics, décor items, jewelry, small presents, fashion accessories, and more from this handicraft online shopping business anywhere. With iTokri, you may explore the world of Indian handicrafts.

For a decade, iTokri has grown to become the voice of the handloom and handicrafts community, providing clients with an unrivaled purchasing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can boxers be used as shorts?

Yes, boxers of length till knee and wide open can be used as shorts. However, a tight fit boxer with no vast space won’t look good and will be uncomfortable to sit. 

2. What is the difference between shorts and boxers?

The significant difference between shorts and boxers is that shorts are loose-fitting and have more room than boxers, which are snug against the leg and crotch. Also, the pouch's fabric and design of the boxer and shorts differ. 

3. Why should men wear boxer shorts?

Because of their loose fit, boxers give men’s private space a place to breathe and yet maintain hygiene. Buy the best boxer shorts online at iTokri at the most reasonable price.