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Embroidery Face Covers

The Need Of Face Mask In This Pandemic World 

The ongoing pandemic has infected Millions of people worldwide, and with the consistent use of face masks and vaccines, the spread is being limited to some extent. The use of face cover is mandatory to curtail the total number of infections caused. The role of face masks and their awareness among the population must be improved to better society. Using face masks whenever you are exposed to viruses has significantly reduced the transmission of the infections. But note that masks are not only the preventive measures for the pandemic, but it also includes social distancing and vaccines. Washing hands frequently is also essential to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. You can get the face mask online at an affordable price.

Why Is A Face Mask Important?

Face masks are essential to avoid the spread of infected respiratory droplets from one person to another healthy person. When inhaled, the infected respiratory droplets land in the mouth and nose. These are transmitted to the lungs, and infections get severe. Face masks enable these types of spreading the virus by acting as a barrier. Make sure that the mask you are wearing is comfortable for you and doesn't affect your respiration. You need to breathe through the masks well, or it might end up in some other problems. Prefer a snug fit mask because if a mask is loose and doesn't fit your face, you might end up getting the infections quickly. There are various types of masks available. The surgical masks are intended to be used by medical professionals who treat sick and infected people. This is also recommended for persons who are exposed to crowded places. This should be disposed of once used. The embroidery face covers add more beauty to the outfit. The other type of mask is made of cotton fabric that is very light and comfortable. Moreover, it can be washed and reused again. Hence it is easy to breathe when you wear a fabric mask.

How To Elevate The Styling With A Face Mask? 

Face masks can be styled, and you can also be gorgeous wearing a mask. Pure cotton masks can be adorned by recreating them with embellished works such as embroidery. The art of decorating the masks with thread and needle lends a grand view decorated with beads, quills etc. The two-ply cotton masks provide an excellent glance when embroidered since they are comfortable from within and elegant from out. It gives complete protection with a snug fit around the ears, and it is also washable. You can also look for a face mask with embroidery to match your outfit. The embroidery designed face masks add more grace if you are a part of festivals and celebrations with family. You can look for embroidery face covers online at an affordable price.

The face masks can also be preferred with kalamkari print with gorgeous patterns to elevate its style. Pure cotton fabric is embossed with block printed or hand-painted with unique designs and patterns. Two-ply cotton masks are available that can suit any outfit you prefer to wear. You can also adorn your face masks with Bagh prints from Madhya Pradesh, Dhar district. Bath face masks utilise cotton fabric dyed with natural vegetable dyes with floral or geometric patterns. Since natural dyes are used in the Bagh masks, it does not cause any allergic reaction to your skin, and it is sincere and breathable.

Why Shop From iTokri?

Based on your ethnic outfit, you can ace the mask styling too. Go for  bagh print covers or  ajrakh face covers and pair them with your outfit. iTokri has a wide array of alluring  face cover combo collections for all occasions.


  1. Why is a face mask necessary? 

Face masks are crucial in protecting you from infections and curtailing the spread of corona. Majorly they were employed to protect from pollution.

  1. Are embroidery face masks trendy? 

Yes, the embroidery face masks are trending since they have embossed designs and look luxurious to match any outfit.