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Tie & Dye Cushion Covers

Make Your Room Look More Beautiful With Tie-dye Cushion Covers From iTokri

If you keep up with the trends, then you already know that tie-dye prints are a huge favourite at this point. You often see people wearing tie-dye clothes, like T-shirts, dresses and hoodies, and it looks fabulous! The tie-dye print is so candid that it sets a vibrancy to your whole outfit. But clothes are too mainstream, isn’t it? You can level up your game in tie-dye by decorating your home with the-dye cushion covers! Sounds interesting, right? Indeed it is unique, and you won’t find a lot of people doing that! Tie-dye pillow covers can look good in your room and bring in a kick of colour and brightness to the whole look of your room. Now for those, who don’t know what a tie-dye print is, it is a straightforward method of printing your clothes or other materials with dye by tying the cloth tightly with strings or bands. Then it is submerged into the dye bath. The dye fails to penetrate the tucked areas. 

Tie and dye cushion covers are pretty, and they can enhance the look of your room. But, you must wonder where you can get your hands on these beautiful tie-dye cushion covers. Well, worry not! You are already at the right place. iTokri has a considerable collection of the best tie-dye cushion covers online. You can buy tie-dye cushion covers online only from iTokri. They look fascinating and candid, and iTokri serves you with the best quality products.

iTokri hain, sirf aapke liye!

Get The Best Home Decor From iTokri

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Why Choose iTokri?

There are many reasons to choose iTokri. The first is that we, at iTokri, never compromise on the quality of the items. You can see that for yourself on our websites. Second, the positive reviews will prove that we have happy customers all over the country. Finally, we do serve the best to you because that’s the oath we, at the team of iTokri, have taken.

Also, during this pandemic situation, things have gotten terrible for everyone. The artisans also have faced a lot in this adversity. So, a little act of kindness from your end can help them and all of us at the team of iTokri. 


Some of the most commonly asked questions are:

1. Can you dye cushion covers?

Yes, you can dye cushion covers. You can do it at home for fun, but it will not give such a beautiful effect as the one made by professionals. So, it’s better to go for a store-bought and one when going for cushion covers. 

2. What fabric tie-dye is the best?

Cotton fabric tye-die is the best. It looks fantastic, and the dye sits better on cotton material. So, it looks more bright and vibrant.

3. Is tie-dye a popular print?

Yes, absolutely. Tie-dye is very popular at this point. So, you can take full advantage of the situation and get a tie-dye cushion cover set for your bedroom.