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White Kurties & Shirts for Holi

Festive White Kurtis for A Bedazzling Holi Celebration

This festive season arrives each year for us with an appeal that never dies and shines like it’s the first time always. You want to go ahead with a carefree festive look like always and what better for this festival than the classic white kurti? Holi and White Kurtis are a can’t separate type of duo and you will see most adorn a classic white kurti for holi. But you probably want to look different, unique and amp up your style while staying with trends, right? Well, we have something just right for you! Our elegant White Kurti Design sustains the classic look yet gives it a touch of something unique which will make you stand out in the best way possible. Browse through our collection of white Kurti Designs For Female and choose the one that you love the most.

Unique White Kurti Designs at iTokri

A classic white kurti will give you the actual feel of celebrating Holi with all the lovely, vibrant colour splashes adorning your kurti leaving a reminder of the fun-filled day you spent with your friends and family. Check out our handloom cotton, pure cotton kurtis with different designs and unique stitches that you will surely want to wear. We have different kurti collection for any length you prefer. Our White Kurti Set is the best fit for you for this day to celebrate this festival in style.

Holi Celebrations Amped Up With iTokri’s Holi Collection

We are a platform that celebrates innovations and creativity and now we’re rounding up and gearing up to celebrate an amazing Holi this year and you can be a part of it too! Shop unique holi gifts to give your loved ones something vibrant like the festival itself. Not sure what to pick for the perfect Holi gift? Try our holi hampers for a collective range of unique gifts. To share the joy with colleagues we have our very own holi greeting cards exclusively handcrafted for you. We’re sure you are gearing up all your Holi necessities and prepping up so you don’t have to face any last-minute hassles and we’re here to back you up with that! Check out our color box set for holi and holi herbal colors for some organically made colours to have fun while also taking care of yourself and the environment.


1] Why colours are used in Holi?

One myth suggests that Lord Krishna was born blue in colour and felt inferior to Radha, thinking she would not talk to him and was so advised by his mother to colour on. Since then, colours have been used. Colours are also used to celebrate the colourful love of Krishna and Radha.

2] Why people like to wear white dress on Holi?

The colour white represents peace and people wear this colour on Holi to show the victory of good over evil, brotherhood and humanity. Check out our White kurti for women collection to signify these symbols too.