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Organic and Herbal Holi Colors / Gulal

Celebrate Holi with iTokri

 Holi is the festival of colours – every place you go will be vibrant; depicting the country’s diversity. We’ve all been there celebrating this festival yelling“Holi Hai!” and smearing colours on the faces of our friends and family, enjoying this day to the fullest. The laughter and the joy we share on this day can never be forgotten and we always look forward to this festival all year round! This year, celebrate Holi with just as much fun with iTokri’s range of Organic Holi Colours made from natural ingredients that do not harm your skin at all. These colours are also environmentally friendly and safe to use for kids too – because we know they are just as excited about this day as you are! Let’s not keep them from this joy fearing about the consequences of using chemically derived colours.

Organic Colours For A Safe And Lovely Holi Celebration

We know the pandemic has been hard on everyone, putting us all in a tough spot. We deserve to have some time to relieve all the stress that has been put on us. However, it is also very important to take care of ourselves given the circumstances. So, we at iTokri, keeping this in mind, have curated a variety of eco friendly holi colours for the usual natural Holi colours that are organic in nature so you can enjoy while taking care of yourselves. Isn’t this wonderful? The benefits of Organic Colours are many – they are skin-friendly, do not harm the environment and are animal cruelty free. Holi Colour Powder is directly applied to our faces which is why we must ensure we use something that does not harm us or trigger our allergies. Herbal gulal online made at iTokri keeps this in mind and brings you the most harm-free colours.

iTokri – Your One-Stop Destination For An Amazing Holi Shopping Destination

We are a platform that celebrates innovations and creativity and now we’re rounding up and gearing up to celebrate an amazing holi this year and you can be a part of it too! Shop uniquewhite kurties for holi to adorn with the lovely colour splashes. Need some easy gifting solutions? Check out ourholi gifts,holi hampers,holi greeting cards to give your loved ones and share the love and joy. For prepping up for the day, check out ourcolor box set for holi with varied, organically made colours for a safe and sound celebration this Holi! Visit us and share the joy today!


 1] What are organic holi colours?

Organic holi colors online are made from natural holi colors online ingredients that do not contain any chemicals such as sulphates, parabens, ammonia and the likes. This makes them safe to use without worrying about harming our skin.

2] Which is best for herbal holi colours online?

Organic colours are the best used for holi. You find some of the best organic colors at iTokri.

3] What are herbal colours?

Herbal colours for holi are derived from natural ingredients like roots, leaves and the stems of herbal holi colors plant like hibiscus and China rose flower.