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Bolster Cover

The best cover for your bolster

Bolster refers to a long cushion filled with cotton or fibre etc. They are usually used for the arm or back support or just as a decorative application with various sizes, application and zipper enclosure. For many centuries people slept upright with not just pillows but with bolster which was nearly the width of the bed acting as a foundation for the pillows. People used to sleep in a sitting position than reclining up until the mid-1800s.

Pillows have varied unnoticeably since the time they were first used with hypo-allergenic fibre available in them as well. The cover of the bolster pillows or bolster cover becomes an essential item as it decides the look of the pillow. iTokri provides the best quality of bolster covers online at the most reasonable prices such as tribal toda hand embroidery bolster cover for which we have partnered with selected craftsperson of dastkar which works with rural men and women the skills of which have been passed generation to generation.

History of bolster

When southeast Asia was colonised by the Europeans, a bolster made up of rattan and wrapped in linen was invented. It assisted people in sleeping better in the tropical heat of that region by hugging it and hollow allowing the user to keep cool. In English, the bolster pillow came to be known as the dutch wife as it was invented by the dutch colonialist in Indonesia. 

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What is the specific purpose of a bolster?

Bolster or long pillows are generally used to provide support to various parts of the body like knees or neck. They are also popular for their lumbar support due to their cylindrical shape. A blister can be used for cervical neck support, arm support as well as being helpful for people who experience difficulty in sleeping, pregnant women etc.

What is a bolster cover?

The bolster is another name of a long pillow or cushion filled with cotton being firm for back or neck support etc. the first-ever use of the word bolster was before the 12th century. The word bolster originated from old English and middle being cognate of the old English beig “bag”.

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