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Hand Painted Beautiful Products

Hand Painted Crafts

Enhance the beauty of your bedrooms, dining area, balconies, and living rooms with beautiful  hand-painted crafts by the incredibly talented artisans of India. If you are bored of the color and decor of your rooms, you can now add some spark to it by hanginghand-painted items on the wall. These charming ethnic items that celebrate India’s rich heritage can instantly lift your mood and make you feel energetic. After all, it is the small things that matter! 

If you wonder where you could get these beautifulhand-painted products,iTokri is the only answer to your question. It is the one-stop destination for every kind of handmade product. Think handmade, think iTokri! 

The fantastic reviews by our satisfied customers on our website are a testament to our commitment and loyalty. iTokri makes sure that our customers' needs are well looked after. Moreover, we bring you the best-handpicked items from hardworking and talented Indian artisans, thus helping them keep their craft and tradition alive and thriving. The intricate beauty of these hand-painted items will surely steal your heart.Shop for the best hand-painted products online only from iTokri.

Get The Best Hand-Painted Crafts From iTokri

At iTokri, you are sure to get products with the best designs made from premium materials. Explore our collection and be fascinated by the perfection of these beautifully crafted products while you appreciate the talent of the artists behind them.Buy hand-painted crafts online only from iTokri as we offer you only the best Indian handicraft.

In addition to hand-painted products, iTokri has a massive collection of other beautiful products such as  hand-painted dupattas,  hand-painted lampshades,  hand painted magnets,  face covers,  fabrics,  sarees.

So what are you waiting for? Visit iTokri today!

Why Choose iTokri?

iTokri has gained the trust of its many customers and has won hearts with its authentic products! You can never go wrong with iTokri, especially when it comes to style and design. The intricate detailing and charm of our products is another great reason to choose iTokri. Amaze your guests with these irresistible items and be a patron of Indian traditional craft; all our products give you the best value for your money. So, we can proudly say, iTokri, sirf aapke liye!


Some frequently asked questions are

1. What does hand-painted mean?

Hand-painted products are painted manually, by the artists, without the use of machines. Instead, they use various brushes and other items to paint the products with fabric dyes and natural dyes. You can get the best hand-painted items only from iTokri. 

2. What is fabric hand-painting?

Fabric hand painting is a technique of making colorful drawings of flowers, abstracts, and other motifs on the cloth used for garments or furnishings, using brushes, stencils, and markers, and fabric colors. 

Get your hands on the best hand-painted crafts today from iTokri!