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Banaras Wooden Photo Frames

Cute and aesthetic Banaras wooden photo frames at iTokri

Wooden crafts of Banaras consist of bright and colourful patterns made by the skilled craftsmen of Banaras, UP. The skill and hard work of the artisans are very well reflected in the kind of prints that they make on the wooden crafts. A significant item made up of Wood from the Banaras is the wooden photo frames. These frames are made from the wood that is extracted from the artisans from the nearby villages and then they cut them into various shapes and sizes to make a whole lot of variety of wooden frames. The frames are of various types consisting of one photo frame or more than that too. The coating of the painting is done of the wooden photo frames that are often naturally dyed but can be used artificial also. iTokri has included a large variety of Banaras wooden photo frames to suit all your needs such as hand-painted wooden animal photo frames, frames consisting of different shapes and sizes etc. The hand-painted Banaras wooden photo frames are best for people to keep photos of their loved ones always close to them. The wood used in these photos frames is of high quality and does not get worn out easily. Also, any shape can be given to them either circular, rectangle, square etc as per the needs of the customers. You must buy these beautiful Varanasi photo frames online from the store of iTokri.

Other handmade items at iTokri

iTokri being India’s true #madeinIndia store has a large variety of hand-painted, handcrafted, hand-carved items that are manufactured by the traditional craftsmen of India giving a touch of Indian tradition and culture to every product. Not only this, we assure you that the quality of any of the products at iTokri will not be hampered in any way and the customer will get the products as he/she sees at the online store. The collection of traditional Indian crafts is not limited to wooden photo frame of Banaras but also has a wide range of  Mashru silk photo frame,  wood carved frames,  photo frames,  handicraft store online,  magnets,  wood home decor,  bandhej sarees,  phulkari dress materials,  winter stoles,  file folders,  necklaces,  leg warmers,  winter socks,  sambalpuri ikat sarees,  handwoven garment sarees,  Assam Bodo weave sarees,  Madhur golden grass weaving products etc. Thus, the customer gets a lot of options to choose from the products at iTokri based upon the needs and expectations of the customers. Handpicked items, sirf aapke liye!! So, to get the best online shopping platform, you must shop at iTokri.!!

Why choose iTokri?

We have already deliberated upon the types of items that are there in the online store of iTokri, but not only this, our customer care services are worth talking about. The services are commendable and the customer does not get any opportunity to disappoint himself as we have worked a lot to give our customers the best shopping experience. For this, free shipping over all the products ranging above Rs 500 is given to them; fast delivery services are also afforded. Apart from all this, we have made available the option of e-gift cards also. Thus, we are the best online shopping platform.

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What wood is used for banarsi picture frames?

The wood is usually taken from the nearby villages and usually, the Sheesham wood is used to make the photo frames.

Are these banarasi photo frames sustainable?

Yes, they are sustainable as they are naturally made from the wood obtained from the trees.