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Bhaidooj Tikka Thali

Bhai Dooj Puja Thali - Greet this Season with Love And a Beautiful Bhai Dooj Thali:

The significance of bhai dooj in Hindu and Indian culture is of great importance, and this day of love is a special day of celebration for every Hindu. Bhai dooj celebrates and honors the bond between siblings and strengthens the love and bond of protection between them. This beautiful day is celebrated and marked by the iconic and well-decorated puja thali and sharing of gifts and sweets. Tikka thalis are more popularly known as aarti thalis, are decorated with flower petals, beads, sweets, betel nuts, fruits, dry fruits and also contains a small cup filled with vermillion that the sister uses to draw a mark on her brother’s forehead to seal her prayers for his well being and fortune. Indians and Hindus love decorating beautiful thalis for poojas, marriage ceremonies, and rituals, bhai dooj or Diwali. There are many different bhai dooj and Diwali pooja thali decoration ideas and suggestions.

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