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Gond Paintings Dupattas of Madhya Pradesh

Gond Painting- a unique artform in Indian culture:

Gond painting is a traditional and famous folk art form of one of the largest Indian tribes called the Gond tribal community. Gond paintings are sacred to their people and hold a lot of importance in the motifs and the painting overall. Gond paintings involve using vibrant colours like red, blue, yellow, green, etc., that are extracted from nature, like leaves, plant stems, charcoal, soil, and other stuff found in nature. The Gond painting designs are vibrant in terms of hue, and the motifs include characters of folktales and mythology, flowers, trees, birds and animals, social and cultural norms of Gond people and their lifestyle, Hindu deities, Tribal deities, etc. These characters are then filled in with various smaller patterns like lines, dots, scales, geometric shapes, abstract curved lines, semi-circles, etc.

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  • What is gond painting?

Gond painting is one Gond tribe’s traditional art forms that are of high cultural importance. Gond tribe is India’s one of the largest tribes, where Gond paintings are done on festivals, important occasions of societal and cultural importance, and these stunning indigenous art forms are highly sacred and important to them.

  • How unique is gond painting art?

Gond art paintings are sacred to the Gond tribe in India and are an indigenous art form where stunning motifs are created and then filled with vibrant patterns to create a masterpiece. In today’s times, Gond painting has been an internationally known art form that holds high cultural value and traditional importance. Gond art paintings are done on dupattas, sarees, coasters, wall hangings, etc, and are beautiful unique art and craftworks.

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