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Pure Handloom Pochampally Ikat Weave Dupattas

Give your wardrobe beautiful touch with Pochampally Ikat Dupatta

Ikat is a special dyeing technique for the patterns of textiles employing resist dyeing on the yarns before dyeing or weaving the fabric, the distinguishing characteristic regarding ikat is that it reflects a blurriness to the design as a result of closely lining up the yarns for a perfect pattern in the finished cloth while Pochampally ikat refers to a type of silk owing its origin in a small town of Telangana i.e Bhoodan Pochampally with its uniqueness in its cleanliness when it comes to the design on the fabric. iTokri  handicraft store  has bought a wide range of Pochampally ikat dupattas online or designer ikkat dupattas with silk providing the gossamer feel and amazing look, breathability and durability to the fabric with elegance, we have partnered with Govardhan for providing you with the best double ikat silk dupattas from the finest masters involved in the tie and dye fabrics from Andhra (AG Govardhan also won a Padma Shri for Ikat handloom weaving), at the most reasonable price and best quality delivered right at your doorstep with just a click, all over the world. Along with pure ikkat dupattas, each product of ours is handpicked from the hinterland of India reflecting the diversity or uniqueness that our country reflects when it comes to art.