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    Pure Handwoven Stoles

    Buy Gorgeous Handloom Stoles from iTokri

    Stoles are versatile accessories that add style to your outfit and can be used regardless of the wea...

    Buy Gorgeous Handloom Stoles from iTokri

    Stoles are versatile accessories that add style to your outfit and can be used regardless of the weather. They can complement traditional Indian attire or Western casual wear like fantastic. iTokri offers various handloom stoles in multiple fabrics, artwork, patterns, prints and embroidery. Get the ones that catch your eye today! Handloom stoles can be worn for any event or on any occasion. A stole brings a graceful element to your outfit when paired with a gown or traditional wear in a formal or semi-formal setting. Stoles add a touch of colour and fun even to casual jeans and tops and look beautiful when draped over a simple Kurti. Shop for exquisite, vibrant and attractive handloom stoles online on iTokri from anywhere in the world.

    Tips For Styling A Stole With Any Outfit:

    Stoles are easy to wear, fun to style, and spruce up any outfit.

    • Drape a stole around your shoulders like a shawl to give out beautiful desi-girl vibes.
    • Loop it around your neck in a loose knot in the front and rock this style with any casual or western wear. Or maybe make an infinity loop for extra charm.
    • For formal occasions, consider a pleated monochrome stole that would bring attention to your ensemble.
    • Pair a beautiful handwoven woollen shawl or a designer stole with your traditional garments or evening wear and level up your fashion game.    

    Gorgeous handloom stoles go well with every outfit so browse through the exquisite collection of handwoven shawls, scarves, warmers, handloom stoles and multiple other fabrics online at iTokri.

    Explore More At iTokri

    iTokri proudly presents the most beautiful collection of  handloom solid fabrics,  winter stoles,  silk stoles, and a delightfully exquisite collection of handmade jewellery. The groups at iTokri are diverse and include various skills and craft forms from all across India. Explore our wide range of beautiful art pieces and handwoven clothes and accessories, and order from anywhere in the world because iTokri provides international shipment for customers worldwide who desire to experience the taste of authentic Indian culture, art and fashion. 


    Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

    1. What is a stole used for?

    A stole is a narrower and lighter version of a shawl worn around the neck or shoulders. Stoles are used to enhance the looks of an outfit in multiple ways, and it is a must to have in your wardrobe. A stole can be  layered over the dress and can be used for creating different looks, for example: 

    • Wear it loosely in a knot or loop, or just leave it hanging in the front after wrapping it around the neck. 
    • I was draping it around the shoulders over an evening gown or a dress to add a touch of elegance and grace to your outfit.
    • Stoles can even be worn creatively, like, around the waist as a wrap-around skirt or like a belt to accentuate the waistline.

    Apart from being used as a fashion and clothing accessory,  stoles have been used for years as a religious piece of clothing by priests of the Catholic and Hindu faith. Stoles have also been popular in educational institutions in western countries as they represent academic success and are worn for celebrations like graduation ceremonies, etc. 

    2. Does cotton stole go well with every outfit?

    Stoles are known to be one of the most versatile pieces of clothing, so they are well suited to be worn with almost every kind of outfit, and they look gorgeous on everyone. Stoles vary in texture, materials or fabrics, patterns and prints and thus, you can choose different ones to go with each ensemble. Cotton stoles are standard and one of the most popular because they are beautiful, light, soft, and comfortable. 

    Cotton stoles go well with daily wear and casual outfits as they are super comfortable and go well with jeans, Kurtis and skirts. For traditional occasions, cotton and silk stoles are the best options for your outfit.

    For formal wear, go for Chiffon stoles that give you an elegant and classy look or maybe Silk scarves that make a fashion statement, catching the eye and radiating elegance. 

    Purchase pure handwoven Cotton stoles and silk stoles online on iTokri, where you get to experience and explore the fantastic collections of handloom stoles and handwoven shawls of various fabrics and materials.

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