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    Wooden Blocks

    the handpicked collection of finely crafted wooden & brass blocks traditionally used by textile printers across India

    Wooden Printing blocks onli...

    the handpicked collection of finely crafted wooden & brass blocks traditionally used by textile printers across India

    Wooden Printing blocks online at iTokri

    Wooden printing blocks are a handcrafted technique used to print texts, images, patterns, and various designs in various shapes and colours. Printing is the old tradition in India that makes different products like clothes, stationeries, show-pieces and various other things. The beautiful wooden blocks are handmade products, and multiple designs are engraved on them by using stencils, painting brushes or any sharp tools. The traditional artisans of India have been practising this technique for many years and have gained perfection in the painting and engraving beautiful and unique designs on them. Artisans are very well skilled and qualified in making these wooden blocks in the shape of various God and Goddesses, which look aesthetic and beautiful and enhance the room’s beauty in which the wooden blocks are kept. Other shapes available are animals, flowers, birds and many unique designs on the wooden blocks. An extensive collection of these beautiful handmade and handcrafted wooden blocks are readily available at the online store of iTokri.The collection of these wooden printing blocks include hand-carved Sheesham Woodblock, Hand-Carved Rohida Woodblock been carved with designs like animals, cartoons, flowers and other such beautiful creatures. 

    Other handmade products at iTokri

    iTokri  handicraft store is India’s most loved and reviewed crafts store and is loved by everyone. The authentic and beautiful handcrafted products are a must-buy product to make your home look beautiful. The hand-carved home decor item is made of wood consisting of Sheesham and various durable wood for an extended period. Handmade products such as  Agarbatti Stands online,  Handmade Candles,  Incense Cones,  Cutlery Online,  Fridge Magnets,  Wooden Spoons,  Handmade Coasters,  Designer Dupattas Online,  Pen Stand,  Handmade Photo Album,  Pencil Pouches,  Handmade Greeting Cards  etc. iTokri is considered as the most authentic crafts store containing a lot of items and products to meet all customers needs and expectations. So, to buy the most beautiful, durable handcrafted items and products, you must visit and shop at iTokri. 

    Handpicked handmade products, Sirf aapke liye!!!

    Why choose iTokri for handicrafts online shopping?

    iTokri has around 50,000 handcrafted selected products exclusively available for its customers. With an extensive collection of handcrafted and handmade products that India’s small artisans make, we have supported them a lot in their livelihood. Thus, we encourage our customers to buy only handmade products. OurIndia’s small artisans make everyone appreciate customer care services because it includes fast delivery of products within seven days, easy return, and replacement policy for the hassle-free shopping experience. We have also included multiple payment options to facilitate our customers for a good shopping experience. So, think handmade, think iTokri!!


    What are the different types of wooden block printing techniques?

    Two different types of wooden block printing are practised in Gujarat and Rajasthan, namely, Sanganeri and Bagru.

    Which state is famous for Block printing?

    Rajasthan and Gujarat are famous for block printings.

    Where is block printing used?

    Woodblock printing is used to print text, images and various patterns of different shapes and sizes.

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