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Sajid Abdulshakur Khatri Bhuj, Kutch - Bandhini Artisan

Sajidbhai is a well known Bandhani Artisan who started his work in 1998. He grew up watching his grandfather and father attend exhibitions to promote their craft and Sajid aspired to fill in his shoes. He grew up to attend several national and international exhibitions organised by the Government of India, where he showcased his craft and conducted demonstrations. In 2008, Sajid was awarded the National Merit Certificate for his craft. As his work got recognised, by 2013-14 Sajid chose to step into the business world. Through all his successes, his father’s teachings to always keep his fellow artisans first, resonates in his business. Today he supports over 800 artisans in their livelihood. He enjoys modernising the traditional designs and believes in keeping up with the changes of the market.
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