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Ajrakh Print Silk & Cotton Sarees

Ajrakh Print Silk & Cotton Sarees in

iTokri has introduced Ajrakh sarees likeblock print silk and cotton sarees. The Ajrakh print saree is woven by the Khatris community in Gujarat and the saree is distinguished by its  contrasting colour pattern, such as blue with red.These are Ajrak block print sarees made with natural ingredients for dyes like indigo, madder, pomegranate bark and seeds. Camel dung found abundantly in the region, is used as an ingredient to remove starch from the fabric. The complex andiconic geometric and floral patternson an Ajrakh saree are hard to miss and makes a priceless addition to your wardrobe. The resist block technique used in these Ajrakh sarees online is a lengthy process with several stages. This needs each layer of colour to be printed after an equal time interval. has lived up to the expectations of celebrating the heritage and handcrafted clothing  of India by selling Ajrakh print silk sarees and Ajrakh cotton sarees, which are designed by the best artisans with care and patience to deliver the best saree to you. 

iTokri has an indispensable collection of Ajrak print sarees with several colour choices at a reasonable price. Superior quality  sanganeri print shirts , Ajrakh hand-embroidered-sarees  and applique cut Katha work saree with tassels is a new addition to the website and it demonstrates the royal work from Rajasthan, which imparts an elegant look.

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With the great demand of  Indian sarees online, is dedicated to providing the best fabric which reflects the traditional work of our artisans. Check out our collection of Ajrakh printed cotton sarees,  Sanganeri print sareeshimroo saree and  Begampuri sarees.

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Explore the exclusive collection of handmade  ajarkh fabrics  online that will impress everyone with a fine taste. You could also shop the best  ajrakh stoles  and scarves online to match your outfit at iTokri. Were you looking to buy ajrakh dress material online? Get designer suits and dresses made these authentic  ajrakh dress material. Level up your suits and traditional Indian dresses with these best  ajrakh dupattas. You could also check out these authentic  ajrakh crafts  of India and give your house a little traditional touch.

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