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    iTokri Crafts Initiative is involved in designing, production and sourcing authentic handicrafts products from across the country. It is an in-house platform developed by iTokri team for artisans to showcase their products. Each item is hand-picked and sourced.

    Crafts That Look Beautiful And Protect The Environment As Well- Only At iTokri!

    In our c...

    Crafts That Look Beautiful And Protect The Environment As Well- Only At iTokri!

    In our childhood, our parents often used to keep our exuberant and, frankly, naughty tendencies under control by occupying us with arts and crafts. Drawing or making crafts out of materials you found around the house was a favourite pastime of many kids before the advent of the Internet. However, parents are now realizing how harmful the Internet is for the kids and trying to bring back the crafts days except this time, with sustainable and biodegradable materials so that the environment does not harm either.

    India has, since time immemorial, been a hub for tradition and cultural heritage, and one of those heritages is handicrafts. The millions of skilled artisans all around India still use sustainable materials to create handicrafts like toys, home decor, daily essentials etc. iTokri believes in upholding the Indian culture by bringing these environment-friendly handicrafts to you.

    List Of Exclusive Eco-Friendly Handicrafts At iTokri

    Here are some of the best eco-friendly handicrafts that you would find in an online store, all of which are of the best quality and available at affordable prices.

    1. Handmade Beadwork Natural Bamboo Tealight Candle Holder: One of the quintessential handicrafts are candle holders. This tealight candle holder boasts intricate and gorgeous beadwork all done by hand, featured on the holder made of all-natural bamboo.
    2. Premium Beadwork Handcrafted Table Mat: An unique table mat from iTokri is just the thing you need to spruce up your dinner table settings. This handcrafted table mat is fantastic mainly because the premium beadwork is done all over the carpet, giving it a serene, gorgeous look.
    3. Antique Glass encrusted tribal GS ring: Not sure how to accessorize your ethnic outfit? Check out this beautiful handmade tribal GS ring with German silver glass encrusted in the middle and embellished with ghungroo. This beautiful ring would be great with any traditional and even some modern outfits.
    4. Indian Beauty- Himalayan Natural Beeswax Flower Herb Perfume: Perfume is a daily essential for almost any person, and getting a herbal one is tricky. This flower hub perfume by iTokri is excellent whether you want to use it on your skin, clothes or even in locations with a foul odour. The best part about it is its affordability.
    5. Traditional Hand-painted Wooden Ganesha (Set of 2): If you are looking for some home decor that can be easily incorporated into any room and won't take up much space, this set of wooden Ganesh is for you. Besides being sustainable, this set is a perfect example of the artistic excellence of Indian artisans, as you can see from this set being hand-painted.

    Why Choose iTokri?

    iTokri has launched a Crafts Initiative, which deals with sourcing, producing, and designing authentic and sustainable handicrafts from artisans all over the country. Our team has developed this in-house platform to uphold India's diverse and unique heritage and support local businesses and artisans all across India.


    Q1.What is craft initiative?

    Ans. Craft initiatives in different regions are ways to keep the local crafts alive so that the culture and heritage of those places are never lost.

    Q2.What are environmentally-friendly crafts?

    Ans. Eco-friendly crafts are those handicrafts made from recycled or sustainable materials to degrade naturally in the environment and do not cause non-biodegradable waste. You can check out eco-friendly crafts on the iTokri website.

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