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    Ahmed Badshah Miyan is a master craftsman of Leheriya Tie & Dye. Badshah Miyah hails from Jaipur Rajasthan and is known nationally and internationally for the beautiful craftsmanship of Lehariya. His sons and family help him create this craft. He is recognized for his extensive knowledge and understanding of color and the intricacies of his work. He is committed to the sustainability of the ecosystem and pays attention to it in all our activities.

    Get Trendy with Tie-Dye by Ahmed Badshah Miyan!

    If you keep up with the latest...

    Get Trendy with Tie-Dye by Ahmed Badshah Miyan!

    If you keep up with the latest trends, then Tie and Dye might just be your new favorite! The quirky-yet-fun attitude of Tie and Dye fabric, with a unique pattern every time, has a fascinating quality that makes everyone fall in love with it. No one can beat the beautiful aesthetic Tie and Dye products bringing to a fabric. The patterns and designs created using Tie and Dye on traditional Indian wear are a fashion trend we all can get behind! Luckily enough, we have just the suitable print for you to experiment with - Lehariya Tie and Dye from Jaipur!

    Buy The Best Lehariya Print Items Online At iTokri

    The beautiful Lehariya Tie and Dye from Rajasthan, India, is quite attractive and unique. All our customers at iTokri are just as fascinated as you are with this beautiful print, which is why we bring you a one-of-a-kind online collection of Lehariya Tie and Dye products! Explore through this ethereal collection that includes everything from Sarees to Dupattas at the most affordable prices. Our premium quality fabric and beautiful Tie and Dye patterns will make a worthy addition to your wardrobe.

    These delightful designs come from the workshop of Master Craftsman Ahmad Badshah Miyah from Jaipur in Rajasthan, renowned for their knowledge of this art form and the intricacy of his work. You can shop for these dupattas and sarees in cotton and silk that even have Kota Doria designs made with Lehariya Tie & Dye.

    iTokri has a vast product portfolio that includes many other beautiful items like handwoven  towels,  sling bags,  Akola print sarees,  Phulkari Kurti materials,  stoles,  handbags, and  jewellery. Place your order online for these fantastic Tie and Dye Dupattas and Sarees, and get them delivered to your doorstep in any part of the country! 


    1. How is tie-dye done?

    It is the process of dyeing clothes by hand. It is carried out by producing colored patterns on the material, by splitting into some small portions according to the designs needed and tying them tightly with a string or more before immersing the cloth in the dye bath. The dye will almost give the expected results without penetrating the tied sections, hence giving a lovely colorful pattern. Want to buy the best tie-dye products online? iTokri has got you covered! Check out the Jaipur Lehariya Tie & Dye collection and get yourself a beautiful dupatta or Saree. 

    2. What is the traditional tie and dye technique from Rajasthan?

    Rajasthan is widely famous for its rich culture and traditions. The traditional tie and dye technique from this beautiful state is Lehariya or leheriya. It is one of the traditional styles in Rajasthan which outcasts dark and bright cloth projected with colors in the patterns. This creative technique gets its fascinating name from the Rajasthani word for ¨waves¨ because the dyeing technique is often used to produce complex wave patterns that everyone loves! Now you can buy beautiful Leheriya Tie and Dye clothes online at iTokri! Order yours today. 

    3. What is Leheriya fabric?

    Lehariya fabric is a fascinating brightly colored cloth with distinctive patterns that adds a simple yet unique look to the fabric every time. If you want to buy the best Leheriya Tie and Dye dupattas and sarees online, iTokri has the perfect collection waiting for you! Explore through these beautiful products and order yours today!

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