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    TARAGRAM aims to create sustainable livelihoods for the poor in rural India by providing them with the tools and opportunities to become entrepreneurs or key manufacturers. TARAGRAM also helps connect these artisans with traditional markets. Over 25 years ago, TARAGRAM pioneered the process of producing high-quality paper from waste. Since then, the effort is to fully respect the environment. We offer a business model that creates decent jobs at scale. We focus on some of the poorest areas of India across UP, MP and Bihar but we intend to assist any poor community across India and also other poor countries around the world. TARAGRAM supports sustainable job growth in large-scale rural areas through the development and promotion of world-class village-made, eco-friendly products.

    All About Handmade Paper

    Want to take sustainability to a profound level? Well, we have the solution for you. When you think about paper products or handmade paper products, you might wonder - how is it eco-friendly? Well, recycled paper is! Many handmade paper products are in the market, but not many recycled products. These items are crafted so intricately, with beautiful designs adorning them, that you might wonder how it is even possible. Do you want to know how is handmade paper made? Generally, a base pulp is taken to which different pigments and other materials are added. The materials can be different depending on what the maker wishes to add. Then, this pulp is put in the vat used to make paper. Then it is drained and pressed until it is left to dry off. This handmade paper can be used for various purposes, from handmade paper products to standard letters. Want to try out these unique items by yourself? Buy handmade paper products at iTokri.

    Handmade Paper Products By Taragram  

    Paper products can be both cute and quirky too! Because these paper products by Taragram hit the mark of both. It is eco-friendly and quirky, both handed to you in one perfect combination. For instance, for the very exclusive bond of a brother and sister, filled with lots of jokes, love, fights and all the likes, we have the assorted rakhi collection that fits the bond perfectly. Buy our  handmade paper rakhi for this Raksha Bandhan and enjoy the festivities with something different. Our rakhis give you a gift too - roli chawal glass bottles for you. If you would like to have a personalised rakhi, then we have that too. We care about the environment, and our handmade paper products are made out of waste materials. This also allows our artisans to showcase their skills by maintaining a livelihood through sustainability. 

    Handmade And Handcrafted - Handed Right To You

    We aim to provide a platform that highlights the creativity, skills and passions of the artisans all across the country. What better than to engage in cultural exchange in a country that is so culturally diverse? You, too, can be a part of this beautiful exchange at iTokri. See our  rangoli by Sanjana for the upcoming festivities like Diwali and have a colourful celebration. For those on the lookout for different fabrics to create their fashion masterpieces, check out our  mangalgiri handloom materials. The pandemic still prevails, but our world is not going to halt anymore; find a range of gloves, cotton masks and other material masks online at iTokri too. 


    1] What are some of the handmade products?

    Paper rakhis, paper bags, letters, stationery items, and notebooks are handmade paper products. 

    2] How unique are products by Taragram?

    Taragram products are sustainable, making high-quality paper products by using waste materials. In addition, these products support the artisans and give you an option to personalise them. 

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