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    Hand Block Printed Stoles

    Continuing the Historical And Cultural Legacy, iTokri Presents Hand Block Printed Stoles!

    Hand block printing is ancient text...

    Continuing the Historical And Cultural Legacy, iTokri Presents Hand Block Printed Stoles!

    Hand block printing is ancient textile art. It involves carving a particular pattern on a wooden block, which is later covered with a tie or ink and then used to stamp on the fabric. This is one of the most time consuming, most straightforward printing processes in the textile sector. Earlier, the designs were limited to traditional Indian motifs; however, various other techniques can be engraved on the wood to hand print the fabric with time. Typically this process takes around seven to ten days. Besides textile, hand block printing is also used in the interior designing sector. While this technique may sound simple, it requires high wood printing skills and practice to perfectly carry out the process and get the desired printed fabric. 

    Grab the Best Hand Block Printed Stoles only from iTokri

    At iTokri, you will find yourself devolved into the world of greatest hand block printed stoles from which you won't be able to return to reality!

      1. Bindaas Art Block Print Soft Cotton Stole with Tassels: Want to game up your styling sense? Then, start experimenting with this hand-block printed soft cotton stole made using natural dyes. Trust us! You want it! Also, dont miss to check out the beautiful  woollen ajrakh fabrics stoles,  Rogan painting stole online.
      2. Bindaas Art Block Print Handwoven Chanderi Silk Stole: Chanderi silks are known for the fantastic comfort that they provide and their gossamer looks. You can’t miss out on a product that makes you shine out while providing extreme comfort. 
      3. Pure Linen Bindaas Art Block Print Natural Dyed Stole: Worried about feeling hot near your neck due to a stole? Never miss out on the unique trending  winter stole collections. Don’t worry, iTokri’s pure linen stole has got you worry-free; they provide coolness and freshness, restricting one from feeling hot. It also comes with the added flavour of art block print and natural dye. 
      4. Sufiyan Khatri Special Gajji Silk Ajrakh Block Print Stole: Looking for other products other than those mentioned above? Check out this ajrakh block printed gajji silk stole with tassels. It is also made using natural dyes through traditional techniques. Check the beautiful  Manipuri weave stoles online from the best handicraft store.
      5. Original Pedana Kalamkari Block Printed Natural Dyed Cotton Stole: Kalamkari is the earliest and more complex block printing technique. This stole is made from cotton and natural dye by the artisans of Pedana. Grab yourself one!

    Why Choose iTokri?

    iTokri provides the best of all to you. It has many designs and fabrics used in stores that you may find yourself wanting to buy more than one stole at the end of your browsing. Also, don’t forget to check out more options than those mentioned above only on iTokri’s website. 


    Q1) What is hand printing?

    Hand printing in textile uses your hands to print the desired pattern or print on a particular fabric rather than using a machine. 

    Q2) What is a hand block?

    As mentioned above, hand block printing is an ancient technique that involves carving a print on a block of wood, covering the wood with a dye and then stamping the image on the fabric. It is a tedious and highly skilled process. 

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