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    What is Macrame? Origin, Types, & Mesmerising Knots of Macrame

    What is Macrame? Origin, Types, & Mesmerising Knots of Macrame

    The enticing art of macrame dates back to the thirteenth century and the genesis of the same can be attributed to Arabic weavers.The macrame knots are what make this art form super exquisite and desirable. This versatile craft can be used for making a number of items such as wall hangings, jewellery, bags etc. 
    When we talk about macrame home decor, we have to acknowledge the fact that its aesthetic appeal is very unique and interesting. This art has amassed widespread interest among interior decorators and hence, there is a lot of references available out there, in case you wish to incorporate a touch of macrame in your space.  

    What Is Macrame

    Macrame is a beautiful art form that entails knotting fabric to create beautiful patterns.  The macrame knots can be made from a number of fabrics such as cotton, jute, hemp etc. There are various types of macrame knots that can be used to make appealing designs. In fact, many people have equated the practice of knotting to meditation and therefore the art of macrame of beloved to be super soothing and therapeutic. 

    Macrame Origin & History

    Macrame is an ancient Arabic knotting technique that dates back to the thirteenth century B.C. The word macrame is also derived from the Arabic  Gradually this stunning art of knotted threads made its way to Europe and England. 
    At the turn of the twentieth century, this art form experienced a newfound resurgence and it has become widely popular for its boho chic appeal. 

    Knots Of Macrame 

    When we talk about the fascinating art of macrame, we have to talk about different knotting styles that can be put together in different ways to create excellent patterns:

    • Square Knot 

    This simple yet alluring knot involves the crossing and tying up of two flat knots. The square knot can be used in synergy with other kinds of macrame knots to create geometric patterns or flowy designs.

    • Half Hitch Knot 

    The half-hitch knot is used for making tassels. It involves encircling one cord around the other to create loops. The trims can be left to loosely hang or they can be tied as per the artisan’s discretion. The half-hitch knot can also be used with the Square knot for a more dramatic effect. 

    • Spiral Knot 

    This macrame knot involves the tying up of the base of two twisted knots. This is a greatly preferred design in the art of macrame as it can create very captivating patterns.

    Materials For Macrame

    The following materials are required for putting together different types of macrame knots. You will need:

    • Cords

    This is the main element of macrame designs. You can choose from a variety of cords that are available depending on their texture and thickness. This will be instrumental in helping you actualize the design that you want to create. 

    • Scissors 

    Scissors will come in handy for cutting the trims and cords to the necessary length in order to facilitate the accuracy of the design. 

    • Dowel

    While going along with your macrame projects, you can use a dowel or a ring to attach the cords. Dowels come in a number of sizes for you to choose from. 

    • Hooks, Beads, Ruler and Tape

    You can also use hooks, beads, tape and a ruler to properly complete your macrame projects and to add beautiful embellishments to your design. 


    The delightful and versatile art of macrame can be used for creating bespoke and unique designs. With the help of cords, strings, dowels, scissors, beads etc, to make spectacular wall hangings, earrings, planters etc. 

    Furthermore, macrame history has often alluded to its spiritual connection by virtue of the dedication, precision and patience that is required for practising this art form. If you have an affinity for macrame designs, we suggest you check out iTokri to explore an expansive range of products centred around this craft. 


    Which thread is used in macrame art?
    A number of threads can be used in macrame art.  The threads can be made from materials like cotton, hemp, jute, nylon etc. The choice of thread depends upon the desired thickness of knots. 

    What kind of knots are used in macrame?
    There are many differenttypes of macrame knots such as half hitch knots, spiral knots or square knots. You can use these knots in combination with each other to create stunning designs. 

    Where did the art of macrame originate?
    The art of macrame originates around the thirteenth century B.C. and Arabic weavers can be credited with the genesis of this art form. 

    When did macrame become popular?
    Macrame is an ancient art form that has been around for centuries. It gained widespread popularity in the 70s when Westerners began reveling in the hippie culture that was all about boho vibes. Gradually this art form made inroads in Europe and found its way into the hearts and homes of people from all across the world.  

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