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'Leheriya' ke lehrate Rang

From The Craft Masala ! Blog

The variety of handicrafts, fabrics and techniques in India is as vast and pervasive as its culture; blended in colours of diversity. The opulence and native feel of a place is often found in its craft, food,infrastructure and untold mystic stories.  The craft we are going to talk about further is a beautiful union of radiant colours and technique. 

Leheriya is a traditional style of tie dye print practiced in Rajasthan that is brightly colored cloth with distinctive patterns. The technique gets its name from the Rajasthani word for 'Wave'. This dyeing technique is often used to produce complex wave patterns.

Leheriya is a zigzag pattern of irregular colour stripes which invokes a visual illusion of the flow of water at the same time showing the depths of colours after multiple mud-resistant and dyeing processes. Behind the creation of such a masterpiece, is the relentless effort of so many people. There are so many process to create it such as Multi-Saree, Copper Vessel to name a few.

To create this firstly ladies roll the fabric and tie it in a tight knot with a cotton string which is starched which helps in preventing the colour from seeping in between the tie. Even if the knot breaks, it's fine because it is a hand crafted process. Ladies contribute their 5 to 6 valuable hours for this. The measurement  of the cotton string is not fixed as it depends on the type of design requested by the customer, and more so on the experience of the worker as to where to leave it and when.

The colors used for designing are the harmless Azo free colours which illuminate the fabric. Whenever we start creating something we often expect for the end outcome to come quickly. But in the case of creativity, it comes gradually. Similarly, the creation of Leheriya products depends on the number of lot for which we have to work and process too. The workers multitask to compensate for the time. According to local artisans it usually takes around 15 to 20 days, depending on the process and time to create the products.

Mr. Ahmed Badshah Miyan, from Jaipur Rajasthan, is one of the famous artists of this print and a maverick in his field. He along with his sons has been working on Leheriya for a long while now. It's great that our society still promotes the practice of handicraft and men are also indulging more in it, is being normalized as men take interest in the clothing that is insightful created for women. When we talk to such lovely craftsmen and ask them how much this means to them they often reply, "It's our family business, we have been practicing it since childhood, not because we were asked to, but rather it enticed our interest in it." Another said that nowadays PG diplomas taught in the field of fashion help them to expand and experiment with colours and designs to gentrify the quality of work. One of the vendors of Itokri said that his daughter who is only 11, watches the types of handbags sold on the website of Itokri and researches on how they can be created in a more fancy manner along with her grandfather.

It makes us truly delighted that Itokri is a reason for provoking intrigue of creativity and interest for the craft, in the minds of nascent little budding designers.

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