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Handicraft Products Online 

Handicraft products have a unique attraction for us Indians due to their intricate artwork, attention to minute details, durable quality, and ties to the culture. Handicraft items are an enduring choice when it comes to decorating your office/home or even gifting to your loved ones.

Many handmade and handicraft items from all around the world speak of the culture, tradition, and history of a place. For example, India is famous for the metals and mud-based handicraft, for which the detailing varies from state to state. Here are some tips to guide you in selecting the best handcrafts online and offline.

What is the difference between handmade and handcrafted?

“Handmade” means making something using your hands, while “handcrafted” means designing and adding more intricate details to the product/item, which are made by hand. Handcrafted may allude to a specialised skill or craft, which makes the product more unique. 

Let’s take the example of pottery. Here, when you make a pot from clay, it’s called a handmade object. When you add additional detailing like painting and decorating with beads, it’s called a handcrafted pot.

How to select the right handicraft?

There are no set rules to select an excellent handicraft. Art is subjective, and so are one’s preferences in interior decor. However, you can consider a few factors while purchasing home utilities, rugs, or other handcrafted products.

  1.    Quality of the Product

There are many options for purchasing handicrafts but ensuring quality is a must for product longevity. Ask yourself these questions while researching a handicraft purchase:

  • What type of handicrafts are you looking for?
  •  Which is the best place to purchase handicrafts in India (or any other country)?
  • Who are the manufacturers?
  • What is the durability of handicraft products?
  • How to clean them? Know how to handle and aftercare the products.
  1. Material of the piece

Handmade items are made of various materials like leather, porcelain, marble, Kundan, bamboo, silk, mud, wood, jute, shell, brass, and many more. When you’re looking for a vase, consider the placement and use when you choose the material. This narrows down your focus and helps you find the desired handicraft easily.

  1. Budget

Budget is one of the most important deciding factors for your handicraft purchase. Keep in mind that the material and artistry involved in creating the product significantly determining the final cost. Budget for a product that suits your needs and preferences.

  1. Space

Take your time to decide what space your iTokri purchase will occupy, as it will create the ambience and feel for it. Is it the living room or showcase, or your reading room? Clarity on this aspect helps you to think about the size and texture of the product.


1. Where can I get the best handicrafts in India? 

iTokri has high-quality handcrafted products, which we get directly from the artists, so you can rest assured that they are authentic and last longer. There are many handmade accessories like  earrings,  neckwear sets,  anklets, etc. In terms of decor, there are many paintings like  Mysore paintings,  Madhubani paintings,  Warli paintings, etc. Explore the wide range of handcrafted products from iTokri.