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Stoles & Scarves

Indian Shawls And Stoles Online From iTokri

Hundreds of different shawls and scarves are available for purchase at iTokri. These pieces exemplify the diversity and glitz of Indian fashion, all of which are steeped with the luscious hues and depth of meaning that have become synonymous with the country.

Our Indian Traditional weaving focuses on the layering and elaborate embellishments that have made Indian fashion famous worldwide. We have Dupattas, Jamawar, Kani, Kashmir, Killu, and Pashmina alternatives among our hundreds of goods. There's even a page devoted to males. However, there is something for everyone with so many categories. Because many of our Indian shawls and scarves are unfitted by necessity, they make beautiful gifts for anyone in your life.

All of our Indian scarves and shawls are just a few clicks of the mouse away from being delivered to your doorstep. You can get India's fashion home with our quick and secure online buying platform. In addition, every purchase made through iTokri comes with our excellent customer service. So take pleasure beautifully and traditionally you desire!

Indian shawls, stoles, and scarves from iTokri

1. Bhagalpuri Silk Cotton Stole

Bhagalpuri silk x cotton stole of excellent quality. This timelesswinter stole is the perfect finishing touch for a laid-back ensemble. Stoles & Scarves offers a high-quality handcrafted ikat cotton checkerboard stole. This timeless stole is the perfect finishing touch for a laid-back ensemble. Ikat (Ikkat) is a patterning colouring technology that involves a resist dyeing procedure identical to tie-dye on the warping or weaving threads before dyeing. Tailor-made, soulful garments embellished with Indian handwoven materials.

2. Kutch Zari Neran Hand Embroidered Woolen Shawl

Kutchi virgin handmade zari neran manually embellished mirrored fine work woollen (high-grade acrylic wool) shawl created by Gujarati craftsmen and women. Traditional Kutchi designs are weaved into the shawl and textured softly. Also checkmanipuri weave stole ,pure linen stole, and many more for pairing it with your favourite outfits.

3. Handwoven Pure Merino Woolen Scarf by Kilmora

A high-quality handcrafted pure merino wool scarf from Kumaun, Uttarakhand. Kilmora creates a continually expanding line with merino wool or natural fibres and hand-spun wool, combining traditional techniques with contemporary design sensibility.

4. Birbhum Pure Handloom Gamchha Cotton Saree

Birbhum simple hand-loom gamchha cotton saree of excellent quality. The term gamchha derives from the Sanskrit word ga-mocha, which means "to wipe the skin." Gamchhas are built to withstand moisture from the skin and allow it to dry. Like cotton sarees, the texture softens over time. In addition, Gamccha textiles are made to withstand a lot of abuse. Buyajrak print silk stole online from the best handicraft store.


  1. What is the difference between a shawl and a stole?

Ans -  A stole is a fancy shawl made of fine cloth worn across the shoulders over a cocktail dress or long dress. A stole is thinner than a shawl and has a more straightforward fabrication than a cape. It is draped around the shoulder or arm and worn.

  1. What is the story behind ikat?

Ans - The name 'ikat' derives out from Malay-Indonesian term for 'tie,' and it first appeared in European resources of textile technology and literature in the twentieth century, when Dutch historians began to pay attention to the vast textile legacies of the Netherlands Indies, now Indonesia.