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Crewel Embroidery Sling Bags

Embroidered Bags from iTokri

When we were younger, our parents used to engage us in arts and crafts to contain our excitement and, to be honest, destructive urges. Before the Internet, many children's favourite pastimes were drawing or making crafts out of household materials. Parents are now more conscious of the risks of the Internet for children and are attempting to resurrect the days of crafts. However, this time, eco-friendly and compostable materials were used to ensure that the environment was not affected.

Since the beginning of time, India has been a hub for tradition and cultural legacy, and one of these histories and cultures is handicrafts. Billions of skilled artisans across India continued to use sustainable materials to create handcrafts such as souvenirs, decorative objects, and everyday essentials. By providing you with all these sustainable handicrafts, iTokri is dedicated to safeguarding Indian heritage.

List of Embroidered Sling Bags from iTokri

1. Original Crewel Hand Embroidered Sling Bag

Original crewel hand-embroidered sling bag in exceptional condition, made of quilted velvet and leather. On the inside, there is a single zipper compartment. Thus, the majority of your belongings will fit. Crewel art is a type of surface patchwork that has been done in Kashmir for centuries using woollen or silk thread. Silk is prized for its natural elegance and beauty. A variety of embroidery strokes are employed to follow a pattern contour done to the material. The method has been used for at least 1000 years.

2. Phulkari Embroidered Sling Bag

Handmade phulkari embellished sling bag with cotton/silk fabric on the front side and dupion fabric on the backside, with elaborate phulkari embroidery.

Punjabi phulkari is a highly sophisticated embroidery technique. Phulkari is the skill of creating beautiful intricate designs and motifs on fabrics using different coloured threads. Phul means flower, and Kari means craft.

3. Madhubani Hand-Painted Jute Cotton Sling Bag

They are using the ancient Mithila art form, Ruchi Jha of Bihar handpainted this bag made of jute cotton with Madhubani art. It has two compartments, an inside pocket with a spill-proof plastic layer and a rear pocket with a zipper. The main characteristics of Madhubani artworks are geometrical shapes and vibrant colours.

4. Handcrafted Kantha Embroidered Printed Cotton Shoulder Bag

This handcrafted shoulder bag features Kantha hand embroidery and is created from rexine and printed cotton material. It includes one zipper pouch on the inside and one on the back. So there’s enough room for using most of your things.

What are the advantages of using iTokri?

iTokri has launched a Crafts Initiative to gather, develop, and produce authentic and environmentally friendly products from Indian artists. Our team devised a solution to aid in the preservation of India's unique and varied heritage while also assisting local businesses and artisans throughout the country.


Q1. What are crewel bags?

The bag's fabric is made of cotton and wool yarn that has been hand sewn. This fantastic gift is available in a variety of colours and sizes. Kashmir Kit offers a unique selection of classic crewel bags, including grocery bags, purses, sling bags, backpacks, travel bags, and much more!

Q2. Are embroidery bags worth the hype?

Whether it's a painterly crossbody bag or a tote with tiny appliqués, the embroidered bag lends polish and finesse to a daytime appearance and has been a stalwart in fashion for decades.