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Kantha Embroidery Sling Bags

Buy the Most Gorgeous and Enthralling Kantha Embroidery Sling Bags:

Kantha works are embroidered on fabrics by using needles and yarn or threads of materials to create patterns and illustrations that stand out against the background of the fabric brilliantly and beautifully. For a long time in India, the rural and tribal practice of embroidering materials articles has been very popular India. India’s gorgeous indigenous embroidery works have been recognized even abroad. Kantha embroidered fabrics are one of the most adored and fashionable embroideries works on cloth in India. Kantha embroidered sling bags are lovely and gorgeous in build and vibrancy, and fantastic comfort.

Here are some of our unique and the most beautiful collections of sling bags- Patchwork sling bags, applique sling bags, mashru sling bags, kutch embroidered sling bags, and Madhubani hand painted sling bags.

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Why Should you Buy From iTokri?

iTokri is the most trusted online shopping platform that only sells authentic handmade Indian products at budget-friendly prices. Our exquisite products come in wide ranges and are incredibly unique and artsy, with a solid bond for India’s traditional art and craft culture. Every purchase from iTokri helps the rural and tribal artists, weavers, and artisans of India earn their livelihood, helps support their artwork, their craft,t and encourages these artists to protect and practice their traditional regional styles of craftwork and culture.

iTokri also promises safe and fast delivery of products to your doorsteps anywhere in the world. iTokri delivers internationally, keeps our customers safe and comfortable with zero-contact delivery, and follows Covid-19 safety rules and protocols. 


  • What are the benefits of a phone case?
  • A phone case protects the phone from external damages and gives you perfect grip control. In addition, phone cases protect the phone from falls, cracks, and other types of injuries. 

  • Why is a mobile phone bag necessary?
  • For clothes with no pockets and for fashion, mobile phone bags work perfectly in making it look like a fashion statement wear and give you the comfort of putting your phone in a safety bag while going about your day without worrying about phone damage.