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Patchwork Sling Bags

Eco-Friendly and Fashionable Patchwork Sling Bags from iTokri

When we were younger, our parents used to engage us in arts and crafts to keep our excitement and, to be honest, destructive inclinations in check. Before the Internet, many children's favorite pastimes included drawing or making crafts with household materials. Parents are now more conscious of the risks of the Internet for children and are attempting to resurrect the days of crafts. However, this time, eco-friendly and compostable materials were used to ensure that no harm was done to the environment.

iTokri is an Indian e-commerce site to browse a vast selection of Indian handicrafts and handloom products. iTokri is committed to preserving Indian culture by providing you with these eco-friendly handicrafts. iTokri also offers hassle-free international shipping and the option of paying with cash on delivery, which eliminates the risk of online payment failures.

Some of the Best Sling Bag Collections from iTokri

  • Patchwork Block Printed Cotton Fabric Sling Bag
  • This is a sling bag made from handwoven patchwork block printed cotton thread. Inside, there are four standard handwoven pockets. This sling bag is constructed of block-printed cotton fabrics and has a foam layer lining on the inside.

  • Handmade Organic Water Hyacinth Sling Bag from Assam
  • If you're looking for eco-friendly yet still attractive handcrafted sling bags, iTokri has all the answers. This handwoven water hyacinth fiber sling bag is made with naturally dried fibers and meticulously adorned with motifs. On the inside, it has one zipper pocket and one plain pocket, both lined with cotton fabric. Both natural and environmentally friendly, the Water Hyacinth product lines are available.

  • Applique Quilted Sling Bag
  • Sling bags are a must-have accessory for everyday use. Women are unable to leave the house without carrying their entire world in a sling bag. This sling bag is made of cotton fabric and features a quilted applique design. This sling bag provides plenty of space for all of your necessities. It contained contemporary motifs and was hand quilted by the women of Purkal Stree Shakti Samiti in Dehradun. This sling bag has a zipper pocket on the outside and is lined with cotton fabric on the inside.

  • Handcrafted Cotton Sling Bag
  • This handwoven sling bag is composed of rexine, a cotton-based fabric. It has a detachable sling that adds to the elegance, style, and fashion of the bag. On the interior, there are three compartments, and on the outside, there is one zipper pocket.

    What are the Benefits of Using iTokri?

    iTokri has launched a Crafts Initiative to acquire, manufacture, and create authentic and sustainable handicrafts from artists all around India. Our team developed this in-house platform to help preserve India's distinct and unique heritage while supporting local businesses and artisans around the country.


    Q.1 What is a patchwork bag?

    Ans -A patchwork is a handmade embroidery in which different designer material components are sewn together to produce a grander design. Patchwork purses made of jute, wool, and denim are incredibly sturdy and multifunctional in India.

    Q.2 Are sling bags fashionable?

    Ans -It contains side pockets and the main section where you may store your belongings. The golden chain that is affixed to this purse gives it a trendy appearance. Sling bags are pretty stylish and gaining popularity among teenagers since they are straightforward to carry and come in various designs and patterns.