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Mangalgiri Handloom Silk Suit Materials

Mangalgiri Handloom Materials 

Mangalgiri fabrics hail from Mangalgiri, from the Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh. These materials are woven in handlooms and have a combination of silk and cotton. This form of handloom is around 400 years old and used for both saree and silk pieces. Mangalgiri sarees are made with vibrant red, yellow, and green with zari borders made in intricate floral designs with the main fabric left bare. The zari borders also have other patterns like birds, mangoes, etc., made with gold threads. Mangalgiri fabrics are an excellent choice and generally preferred for weddings because of their material and designs. Buy mangalgiri handloom silk suit material at iTokri in various colors at iTokri. Also, buy  handloom materials from across the country that suits your style and tastes at affordable rates. 

Buy Mangalgiri Handloom Fabrics At iTokri

Mangalgiri fabrics make an exclusive material for suit pieces as they are made with vibrant colors of red, yellow, and green that give a luscious look to your outfit. The silk suit material is usually the go-to fabric pick for wedding functions because it accentuates the whole company. Find some pretty pre-cut fabrics or mangalgiri handloom silk suit pieces at iTokri that will be the perfect pick for any occasion you need. The silk suit material is made from fine quality mangalgiri handloom with exquisite zari borders. These handloom silk suit materials are made to fit both contemporary and traditional in one perfect combination at affordable rates for you to adorn your wardrobes with. So, have fun with your style and buy silk suit materials from iTokri to match your game.

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1. What is mangalgiri silk?

Mangalgiri silk is woven from a combination of cotton and silk native to the Mangalgiri town of the Guntur District. 

2. Why are handloom materials unique? 

Handloom materials are durable, woven from hand, and pose no risk to the environment because of their eco-friendly nature. This makes handloom materials special.