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    Paper Mache Earrings

    Buy exquisite Paper Mache Craft Earrings at iTokri

    Earrings made of various Indian arts ...

    Buy exquisite Paper Mache Craft Earrings at iTokri

    Earrings made of various Indian arts and crafts are always fun to add to your collection. iTokri offers earrings made using different arts and crafts practiced in India, which will add a traditional and ethnic feel to your attire.  One of iTokri’s most popular and well-loved collections is paper mache craftworks. So why not try these beautiful earrings that come in brightly colored hues and designs, and add a splash of color to your look. This famous craft form, used in many traditional ceremonies, has been around since 200 AD beginning with the Han dynasty in China. Paper mache is a composite material made of paper pulp or small pieces of paper and occasionally fabric and bound with adhesives like glue, starch, or wallpaper paste. Indian paper mache art is said to have originated in Kashmir, where it has been passed down through the generations for centuries.  This beautiful form of the craft reached India in the 14th century through a Persian named Mir Syed Ali Hamdani, who introduced a blended form of art combining the Persian and Asian methods, with a touch of Kashmiri art style, thus creating a unique craft with an Indian essence. Themes created from this art include floral designs, motifs of nature, jungle, and intricate patterns.

    Paper mache products have an ethereal appeal in themselves, enhanced by the ancient history of its origins.  For the best collection of paper mache handcrafted products, shop at iTokri and experience India’s vast and rich arts and crafts culture. iTokri proudly presents authentic, handmade paper mache products and decors that can easily be bought online at best deals and with the option of international shipping. 

    Explore These Enchanting Paper Mache Crafts On iTokri

    • Madhubani hand-painted paper mache home decor

    iTokri showcases gorgeous handmade products in this art form, made by the talented artisans of India. From the process of making a paper pulp base to the last finishing touch of a Madhubani painting, Indian artists handcraft the product, giving it the authentic touch of Mithila art, preserving the cultural identity and method of this traditional art form that has been passed down through the generations. iTokri’s online store comprises works of artisans from all over India, thus promoting the artforms practiced by regional and rural men and women and encouraging them to create, preserve and showcase their traditional, tribal and indigenous art and crafts to the world. Buy paper mache items online at iTokri and choose from a vast array of works, ranging from animal figurines to decorative bowls, boxes, figurines of Hindu deities, candle stands, diyas, and pen stands. iTokri is certainly the best online store to explore the feel of Indian craftsmanship no matter where in the world you are.

    • Buy delightful paper mache jewelry

    Paper mache jewelry online is available at iTokri. Try fantastic items like  blue ceramic art,  wooden necklaces,  dokra jewelry, just to name a few from the vast collection we offer. Our necklaces are handmade using silver, beads, natural grass, other metals, and many more naturally occurring items all threaded together to make beautiful necklaces and various other jewelry items.

    • Beautiful handmade paper quilling and handcrafted earrings

    iTokri has the best and the most beautiful collections of handcrafted earrings made from silver, recycled papers, handmade embroidery, glass beads, and semi-precious stones. There are many different types of earrings to try like paper quilling earrings, or  Himalayan earrings available at iTokri that bring out the ethnic Tibetan tribal art form for the perfect Boho look. The tribal Dokra threadwork earrings use yet another oldest form of metal casting from the world of Odisha craft traditions and culture. The entire assorted jewelry collection at iTokri is alluring with its essence of authenticity and classic Indian beauty. These attractive earrings range from chic and chunky to elegant and trendy, thus including a wide spectrum of styles catering to everyone’s unique tastes and demands.

    • Other home decors include wall hanging paper mache decors that come in various shapes and sizes as well. 


    Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

    1. What are the best paper mache craft earrings?

    All of the earrings from this collection on itokri are wildly popular and immensely beautiful. Paper mache craft jewelry has been a very popular and well-loved product. You can buy the best paper mache earrings online at iTokri and choose from a wide range of tribal craftwork and styles. The style ranges from chic and modern to traditional and tribal, from chunky and classy to small and elegant, all handmade and handcrafted by artisans in India. Each type of paper mache earrings has a story to tell of the rich culture and indigenous art in India.

    1. What is paper mache jewelry?

    Paper mache is an ancient form of crafting that emerged in China in 200 AD. Paper mache art spread after that to India where it was blended beautifully with the Kashmiri art style to give it a unique look. Paper mache jewelry is handmade of recycled paper, beads, melon seeds, tassels, semi-precious stones, silver, natural grass, or other metal alloys, using small pieces of paper or paper pulp, textiles, and adhesives like glue or starch. The process and style of various paper mache art can differ depending on the region of origin and usage. For example, the tribes and local cultures in Odisha or the Himalayas will have different crafting styles for making their own tribal paper mache jewelry.

    1. Which paper is used to make paper mache earrings?

    Paper mache earrings are made of paper pulp. Recycled newspapers are generally and most commonly used to make paper mache earrings.  

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