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    Pitchuka Srinivas is a well-known Kalamkari master artisan and always had a keen interest in art since his childhood days. After his father's demise, he completely went into Kalamkari and dedicated his whole life to it. His son Varun supports him in his venture and now they're proudly a team of 20 skilled artisans who have taken Kalamkari Art to an international level. Using Natural dyes and classical techniques, he has perfected the craft of Kalamkari. He is highly popular as the last kalamkari craftsman who is fighting to preserve the original handmade form of the Kalamkari craft. The originality in his work is so eye-catching that no one can beat him in Kalamkari Craft today.

    Check Out The Best Ever Fabrics Adorned With Gorgeous Pedana Kalamkari Block Printing!


    Check Out The Best Ever Fabrics Adorned With Gorgeous Pedana Kalamkari Block Printing!

    The literal translation of the word “Kalamkari” means ‘kalam’, that is, pen and ‘Kari’ which means ‘art’. It is one of India’s quintessential and traditional art forms. It involves hand printing or block printing, generally done of pieces of cotton fabric. The unique and the best part about Kalamkari block printing is that it only employs natural colours or vegetable dyes. The source of Kalamkari art lies in Andhra Pradesh, especially in Machilipatnam and Kalahasti and a few other smaller regions of this state. The Kalamkari work that is concentrated in the Machilipatnam region is also known as Pedana Kalamkari.

     With time the demand for Kalamkari art has been skyrocketing, and there is an increasing demand for it in the international market.

    Buy Beautiful Pedana-Kalamkari Products Now Exclusively On iTokri.

    1. Original pedana Kalamkari Block Printed Natural Dyed Cotton STole: A stole is one of the essentials in your wardrobe as you can pair it with ethnic dresses and western tops and tees as well. Moreover, the beautiful Kalamkari work on this cotton stole will surely get you many compliments as soon as you step out in this!
    2. Original Pedana Kalamkari Block Printed Cotton Cushion Cover: Festive seasons are when we renovate and redecorate our house. If you are unsure about how to spruce up your living room this year, check out this gorgeous cushion cover with Kalamkari art that would look great on your sofa cushions.
    3. Original Pedana Kalamkari Block Printed Natural Dyed Pure Cotton Fabric: If you are not sure about what type of ethnic outfit you should wear this festive season, get a meter of pure cotton fabric with Pedana Kalamkari work on top and turn it into a suit, salwar or saree according to your wish.
    4. Pedana Kalamkari Block Printed Natural Dyed Cotton Shopping Bag: Who said shopping bags could not be fancy? This cotton shopping bag with Pedana Kalamkari work is the perfect way to flaunt your tastes, not just through your outfits but your daily shopping trips as well!
    5. Original Pedana Kalamkari Block Print Tussar Cotton Saree with Dobby Border: Now that the festive season is right around the corner, you are thinking about ethnic outfits. Check out this tussar cotton saree that not only features the original Pedana Kalamkari work but also comes with a Dobby border that adds yet another layer of elegance to the saree.

    Why Choose iTokri?

    As mentioned earlier, Pedana Kalamkari art has been in demand not only all over the country but also internationally; the best part is iTokri ships internationally! So wherever you live in the world, you have to go to our website and pick out your favourites from our  Pedana Kalamkari collection.


    Q1.What is Kalamkari block printing?

    Ans. Kalamkari is one of the oldest and most beautiful traditional Indian art forms. It mainly involves hand printing or block printing, especially on fabrics like cotton. Kalamkari block printing refers to using ‘kalam’ or pen to paint on cotton fabric and employs a sharp-pointed hollow bamboo to control the flow of colour onto the textile.

    Q2.What is Pitchuka Srinivas?

    Ans. Pitchuka Srinivas is a person, rather, an artisan who is a master in what he does. He is renowned as he devoted all of his life to perfecting Kalamkari craft hand-painted using natural dyes.

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