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Handcrafted Handpainted Terracotta Products

Handcrafted hand-painted terracotta products

The word terracotta is derived from the Latin word that means “Baked Earth”, and it is a type of earthenware giving a ceramic and glazed look. It is used to make sculptures and various showpieces handcrafted and hand-painted by various small traditional artisans. Items and products such as vessels, water and wastewater pipes, bricks, and multiple showpieces are made with terracotta. Making these items involves taking the desired clay and forming it into various shapes with the help of oxygen, firing, etc. You can also create multiple beautiful products from them. Hence, to provide you with an extensive range of varieties from terracotta, iTokri has included a wide range of these products at its online store. Terracotta jewellery and other items such as Bishnupur Hand-Painted Terracotta Earrings, Terracotta Pendants cum Hanging Lamp, Blue Hanging Bird Feeder, and many other products are available in the online store. The accessories collection of iTokri includes various beautiful  Earrings,  Silver Jewellery,  Handmade Necklaces,  Anklets,   Nose Pins,  Rings,  Handmade Juda Pins  etc. Traditional small artisans across India make these products. For getting the best and durable terracotta products, visit iTokri and get them at the most affordable price.

Other handmade products at iTokri

iTokri  handicraft store is India’s most loved crafts store with an extensive collection of handmade and handcrafted products. The small artisans make India’s handmade products; thus, iTokri envisages supporting them in their livelihood and contributing to its economy. Therefore, we encourage our customers to buy only handmade and handcrafted products. iTokri has an extensive collection of eco-friendly products that are based upon the principle of sustainable development. iTokri has not only Terracotta products but other products such as  Agarbatti Stands OnlineHandmade Candles,  Incense Cones,  Cutlery Online,  Fridge Magnets,  Wooden Spoons,  Handmade Coasters,  Fabric Material Online,  Woolen Shawl Design,  Winter Socks,  and other such products. To get the most beautiful and elegant handmade products, visit and shop at iTokri.

Why choose iTokri?

iTokri is the best online store for traditional Indian crafts and has the most amazing conventional Indian fabric for its valuable customers. To buy only authentic arts in India, you must shop at iTokri. From Ajrakh to Pashmina, we have it all!! That’s why we are the most loved and reviewed by craft lovers of the world. Everyone also appreciates the customer care services provided by our team. Our services include the easy return and 7-day refund policy with multiple payment options to choose from, including credit card, debit card, wallets and Paypal for international customers. Also, to avoid any hassle and give you the most fantastic shopping experience, you must shop at iTokri.


What is the difference between clay and terracotta?

Clay comes in various colours ranging from white to grey to different other colours, and terracotta has distinct red and orange hues giving you the touch of redness in all its products.

Is terracotta eco-friendly?

Terracotta is a highly sustainable and eco-friendly product that does not contain any harmful substances.

What kind of glue works on terracotta?

The most suitable glue to be worked on terracotta is PVA adhesive.