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    Tana Bana: Weaving life into cloth – film

    Tana Bana: Weaving life into cloth – film

    This film tells the story of handloom weaving in Kutch, northwest India, through the voices of the weavers. It documents the ancestral skills, designs, techniques and processes which are continuing to be practised, along with weavers’ approach to innovation for global markets.

    ‘Just like the circulation of blood in our body, our lives too follow a similar circulation of weaving threads into fabric’ – Shamji Vishrambhai Valji (master weaver)

    ‘Because we’ve begun to work with new themes and concepts, our designs have evolved too’ – Laxmi Puvar (embroidery artisan-designer)

    ‘We don’t want to forget older traditions because they are our backbone’ – Pachan Siju (weaver-designer) Director: Ruth Clifford Camera: Shradha Jain, Ketan Pomal Editor: Prachi Mokashi Running time: 29:49 Language: Hindi with English subtitles Acknowledgements: Judy Frater, Dayalal Kudecha, Jentilal Premji Bokhani, Purushottam Premji Siju, Pachan Premji Siju, Prakash Naranbhai Vankar, Poonam Arjunbhai Vankar, Ramji Hirabhai Maheshwari, Shamji Vishrambhai Valji, Vishram Valji, Hariyaben Bhanani, Varsha Bhanani, Laxmi Puvar

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