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    DAMA works with AP and Telangana hand-woven cooperatives to provide design, technical, and marketing support. Their goal is to maintain rural life and promote handweaving. The Dastkar Andhra Marketing Association (DAMA) was established with the aim of promoting medium-quality hand-woven products suitable for everyday use. DAMA continues this mission through creative and innovative marketing strategies and investments in design and manufacturing. Strong partnerships with major producers in 15 villages with 250 weavers will help them fulfill their mission. Exhibitions are held every year in major cities across the country to deliver to customers and allow them to experience the 'touch and feel' that is indispensable for appreciating hand-woven fabrics.

    sarees   stoles   dupattas   fabrics   
    sarees   stoles   dupattas   fabrics   dress materials
    Since more than 20 years ​Dastkar Andhra works directly with weavers with a vision and mission to sustain handloom weaving as a viable rural livelihood and strengthen handloom industry.

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